5 More of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around: Part 1

A few months back, we brought you a round-up of 10 of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around and it proved so popular that we thought we’d create a couple more instalments for your viewing pleasure! So, if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, why not read on to discover a whole host of phenomenal artists? 5 […]

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Rhino Piercing

Unique Piercings: The Body Mods That’ll Help You Stand Out From the Crowd!

The world of piercings is a wide and diverse one – trust us. Though most people don’t go beyond an earlobe piercing or a nose stud, there really are an incredible amount of options out there! So we’ve collected together some of our favourite piercings that aren’t too commonly seen. These are the piercings that […]

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Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercing 101: Everything You Need To Know But Are Afraid to Ask

(Please Note: This post contains explicit images and content which may not be suitable for anyone under 18. Read on at your discretion!) Today, we’re talking about nipple piercing! With origins that date back to the 14th century, nipple piercing has a long and storied background. With Victorian women, the BDSM subculture and the modern primitive […]

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Tattoo Gun

10 of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around

It would be pretty much impossible for us to write a definitive list of the very best tattoo artists in the world, given that they vary so much in taste and style. Also, there are just thousands upon thousands of undiscovered awesome tattoo artists out there who maybe haven’t made it to the famous pages […]

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Dr Martens Lite

The Dr Martens Lite Range: A New Revolution in Footwear

Are you ready for the next revolution? Dr Martens Lite are a new and exciting range from one of the UK’s most loved producers of tough-as-nails, lifetime-lasting boots. Retaining the attitude of your favourite Dr Martens products, the new Lite range features Docs designed for a new generation. With a  lightweight construction, they’re sleek and comfortable, […]

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