Smiley Piercing

Smiley Piercings: The Lowdown!

At Blue Banana we’re always looking for the latest underground trends in piercing and the hottest one on the market right now has got to be the Smiley piercing!  What Is A Smiley Piercing? The Smiley piercing, also known as an upper lip frenulum piercing, is a piercing that passes through the upper lip frenulum (the […]
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An Alternative New Years Resolution List By Blue Banana

So, it’s the start of a New Year. That means a bombardment of New Year resolution posts from friends and family members over on social media. “New year, new me”, as they say. Lose weight, work out more, quit smoking, drink less, get a new job… these are all common resolutions for most “normal” people. […]
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RIP David Bowie (1947-2016) – A Cultural Icon

This morning, it was reported that musical icon David Bowie had passed away at the age of 69, following an 18 month long battle with liver cancer. The sad news was confirmed by Bowie’s son Duncan in a heartbreaking tweet, leading to tributes from across the world pouring in to commemorate the life of a true superstar. From […]
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Do daith piercings cure migraines?

Do Daith Piercings Cure Migraines?

If someone told you there was a cure for migraines and it was as simple as an ear piercing, we bet most would be really excited to try it. I mean, why not? Migraines are a bane on thousands of people every day. Plus, piercings look awesome. Recently the humble daith piercing has been touted […]
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RIP Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister (1945 – 2015) – A Rock & Roll Legend

Yesterday the world of rock and roll received some incredibly depressing news as one of its true greats, Lemmy, the lead singer and bassist of Motörhead, had passed away. The craggy yet badass rockstar that personified what it meant to be rock and roll and live life on the edge, lost his battle with cancer, […]
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