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In store band signings play an important part in Blue Banana culture, we love music, musicians and everything rock, punk and alternative.  Music is after all, the perfect unadulterated act of expression and freedom and we proudly support musicians, bands and groups through band signings in our stores.  Asides from this, it gives our loyal and dedicated followers and fans the chance to meet their favourite groups and bands in person engulfed by our unique store atmosphere and staff.  We’ve held a fair few band signings now and judging by feedback from customers and the bands themselves they’ve been a spectacular success.

Through in store band signings Blue Banana not only promotes its fantastic range of band merchandise and existing bands, but we also help lesser known groups and those trying to break through in the industry gain exposure and notoriety. After all, there are so many fantastic bands and groups that are yet unheard of despite having cool original songs, unique talent and an awesome vibe because they don’t have the luxury of expensive marketing campaigns and PR. So for all these reasons and more, whether you just want to grab official band t shirts, support a new band that’s trying to break through or even get the rare chance to meet your favourite band in person, you should get down to one of our in store band signings.

Talking about cool vibes, original songs  and awesome music, Blue Banana are especially excited to announce in store band signings for the infamous Attack Attack and the legendary Kids in Glass Houses this May 2010.  With the chance to meet band members from Neil Starr, Mike Griffiths, Ryan Day and Will Davies (ATTACK! ATTACK!), or even Aled Phillips, Joel Fisher, Iain Mahanty, Andrew Shay and Philip Jenkins (KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES), you’d have to be seriously mad to miss our great band signings! We’ll post more information on all the awesome band signings we have lined up real soon, but for now here are some important dates you will not want to miss:

In Store Band Signings:

  • Kids in Glass Houses – Blue Banana Cardiff Branch – 1st May 2010
  • Attack! Attack! – Blue Banana Birmingham Branch – 1st May 2010
  • Attack! Attack! – Blue Banana Sheffield Branch – 6th May 2010
  • Kids in Glass Houses – Blue Banana Nottingham Branch – 8th May 2010
  • Attack! Attack! – Blue Banana Cardiff Branch – 9th May 2010
  • Kids in Glass Houses – Blue Banana Exeter Branch – 14th May 2010

Please follow our find a shop page to find the location of each Blue Banana store holding band signings.

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