Alternative Summer Clothing Collection

If your summer clothing needs still haven’t been met this year, come on down to Blue Banana where we’ve got some great alternative summer clothes for both men and women. Whether you’re after something for the beach, the weekend or even something cool for work, you’ll find it here.  And of course, sitting alongside all of this, we’ve got some awesome festival clothing to keep with the trends of a rock n roll summer.  Ladies, if you’re ready to hit the beach when the sun’s shining but you haven’t found the perfect outfit, check out our bikinis page where we’ve got some of the latest offerings from Iron Fist.  And this is just the beginning of our awesome summer clothing range.

Cool Clothes for Summer

You’ll be glad to hear that our summer clothing doesn’t just cater for those who love sand and surf.  Whether you want some new glad rags for hitting the town or summer dresses that are even suitable for work, we’ve got a great selection for you too.  Check out our women’s alternative dresses for the ultimate in summer style, with bright colours and funky patterns featuring heavily.  And if you really want to keep cool when the sun’s blazing, our playsuits and jumpsuits are for you.  Sexy, stylish and sophisticated, you’ll never have looked better.  If you’ve never associated summer clothing with us before, why not?

Summer Clothing for Men and Women

Now don’t worry guys – we’ve got some great summer clothing for you too.  This year we’ve got a brilliant collection of men’s shorts in so that you can keep cool whatever the weather.  If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, our prep shorts from Criminal Damage are ideal.  On the other hand, if you want to catch some surf, we’ve got the latest Iron Fist board shorts in so that you’re dressed to impress.  And we know that one of the worst things in summer is when your feet are way too hot, but we’ve solved that problem too.  Browse our men’s flats or women’s flat shoes for some understated flip flops from Maasai Treads or some funky designs from our old favourites Iron Fist.  For all your summer clothing needs, we are now the first place you should come.

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