Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup: 11 November 2013

Welcome to Blue Banana’s roundup of the some of the best blogs about alternative fashion styles and trends on the web! We’ve scoured the internet once again for talented and unique bloggers that want to share their love and knowledge about the looks we adore.

This week we’ve got a good mix of bloggers that cover alternative, indie, goth, retro and geek fashion, so you’re bound to find something you’ll love amongst the all the great blogs. So without further ado, lets begin highlighting those blogs!

Paisley Angel by RagsOfLove

Rags Of Love is an alternative fashion blog curated by the lovely Belphoebe, who has a sense of style as unique as her name. Belphoebe likes to show off her favourite outfits and unique finds from online and the high street, offering style tips to her followers and modelling her fashionable outfits. This post shows off her lovely new dip dyed hair, which we absolutely love, and her new found passion for paisley. So follow Belphoebe over on Rags Of Love and you’ll soon learn to love her unique look as much as we do!

Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine

Awesome Alternative Blogger Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine is another unique fashion blogger we’ve been keeping our eye on, purely because of her unique style. Amy is a student from Reading who loves metal music and festivals, which makes her awesome before we even get to talking about her look! Miss Valentine has gorgeous pink hair and styles herself with all kinds of unique clothes, and she frequently models her stunning outfits on her blogs, particularly every Sunday in which she does a summary of her week. We think Amy’s great and hopefully you guys will too. Oh and she wishes Pokemon were real. Us too, Amy — us too.

Goths In The New York Times by Mary Rose

Mary Rose is the creator of The Everyday Goth, a blog that focuses on all things to do with the darker side of life, including music, fashion and home decor. For this awesome post, Mary takes a look at the New York Times features on goth culture and offers up her opinion. She feels that goths and goth fashion is misrepresented by the articles and that the mainstream once again has got the wrong impression about the style. We hear you Mary, and we agree – and that’s why we love your blog!

Geek Fashion by Geek Pinata

Geek Pinata is a fashion blog all about girly geek fashion, run by one fabulous lady called Crystal Clark. She blogs about all her favourite things including video games and comics. This week Crystal was on good form, posting several cool blogs on Geek Pinata, so we couldn’t just pick one! One post of interest was her highlighting new leggings from Living Dead Clothing, including geeky Mario, Castlevania and Adventure Time styles, but we also loved her post about the Mass Effect games for N7 day last week. We’re Blue Banana and Geek Pinata is our favourite blog on the Citadel!

A Vintage Vessel Takeover: Madam’s Vintage Interview by The Forties Floozy

These are the very first vintage specs I bought (from Madam's Vintage!)

Forties Floozy Blogger, Miss B, In Her Vintage Glasses!

This cool post was created by Alex Backhouse, aka Miss B, the creator of The Forties Floozy blog which focuses on vintage and retro fashion. This special post features another vintage blogger, Stella of Vintage Vessel, who took over Miss B’s blog to grill her about her vintage glasses business. This post is an eye opener on how to set up your own successful independent business and also awesome retro style specs that might be of interest to all you rockabillies out there! So if you love old school fashion, check out the Forties Floozy!

That’s a wrap for this week! We hope you enjoyed all the posts and amazing bloggers we highlighted this week and we’ll be back again next week with even more alternative fashion blogs and bloggers that have a style you and Blue Banana love!

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