Alternative Blog Roundup: 4 November 2013

At Blue Banana we’re all about alternative fashion and keeping an eye on the hottest trends and most interesting new styles. A lot of what’s going on in the world of fashion we learn from hardworking bloggers all over the web. So, as a treat to you all, we’ve decided to highlight some of the best posts about alternative fashion each week, covering all kinds of styles from goth, emo, punk, alternative, Steampunk – as long as its not mainstream, we’ve got it covered.

So, here are five alternative blog posts we think are awesome from the past week. Enjoy!

1. Who’s That Girl? Sara Cummings by Renne Ruin

Renne Ruin is an alternative fashion blogger from Australia who posts regularly about all manner of different subjects in the world of alternative fashion. This week she did a special post interviewing a model with a unique sense of style, Sara Cummings. Sara has a really cool style we’re sure everyone will admire, and she also happens to have a really interesting personality. She also loves cats, which automatically makes her a great person in our books! We recommend this post not just to get a sense of Sara’s persona but also for the stunning images of her – check it out over at

2. Could A Movember Moustache Be Good For You All Year Round? by Matthew Jenkin

It’s good news for bearded and moustachioed gentlemen, because according to this blog on the Guardian website there may be health benefits to having face fuzz. Although it can look really cool,  a beard can be a sign of good health and fitness, a strong immune system and there are also claims by scientists that facial hair can help protect skin against the sun’s rays. However, the blog also says that beards can also be a potential health risk if you don’t look after them, with crabs being one of the many risks of unkempt hair. Gross! Nevertheless, this blog will be of great interest to guys taking part in Movember or sporting beards all year round.

3. The Craziest Halloween Makeup We Saw This Year by The Huffington Post US

Halloween has been and gone for another year, but it’s still awesome to look at all the different costumes and styles that people all over the world were rocking. The Huffington Post has made this compilation of some of the best Halloween makeup posted by users on Instagram worn on October 31st. Some of these designs are truly stunning and could serve as great inspiration for your own makeup and cosplay next year, so check them out!

4. The Meaning Of Blackmeans by Susanna Lau

Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble, is a fashion writer from London who, after writing for all kinds of different publications, decided to start her own blog called Style Bubble. On her blog she writes fascinating entries about the wonderful and sometimes bizarre world of fashion in far East Asia. This post is about a cult Japanese fashion designer called Blackmeans, who specialise in a retro punk style. Blackmeans looks completely awesome with a true punk style including denim, leather and lots and lots of studs! We could all learn a thing or two from Blackmeans and Susie’s blog is full of more of her adventures in Korean and Japanese fashion.

File:Gail Carriger at the Multicultural Steampunk Panel, Eastercon 2012.jpg

Gail Carriger, blogger and Steampunk author

5. Men’s Fashion Retrospective – Before 1900 by Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger is more than just your avererage lady who blogs about retro and Steampunk fashion – she’s also a bestselling author of Steampunk novels, including Parasol Protectorate. This makes her a certified expert on the subject in our eyes. This post from her awesome blog Retro Rack focuses on all kinds of fashionable pre 20th Century gentleman’s clothes. We recommend this post for guys who need a little extra inspiration for their Steampunk outfits, or for anyone who just loves learning about retro fashion. You can check out Gail’s blog for even more Steampunk tips and tricks.

So, there’s our round up of some of the best alternative fashion blogs we’ve enjoyed this past week. Check back again next week for even more awesome blogs about the fashion styles we all love at Blue Banana!

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