SKU 142993
Colour Black
Style Cat
Height cm 8cm


Double Double, Toil and Trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Get Hubble and Bubble cat figurines for you home! 

With a splash of adorableness and a pinch of mischief, these little guys will have you adding them to your basket in no time. 

Sitting in little black cauldrons with silver moon and star details, these lifelike kitties are wearing black and purple witch’s hats with small buckles, with green bubbling brew surrounding them. Made from high quality poly-resin, these witches familiar black cat figurines are the perfect mix of cute and spooky. 

If you’re into all things witchy and occult then why not get your hands on the Nemesis Now Cat and Cauldron Figurines. This pair of devilish beauties will add a touch of gothic charm to your home décor.