Official Band Merch Tankards & Shot Glasses 🤘 | Blue Banana UK #Shorts


SKU 140005
Marca Nemesis Now
Colour Black
Material Composition Resin / Stainless Steel
Style Band Merch
Band Slipknot
Music Genre Metal
Height cm


All hope is not gone with this gnarly looking Slipknot Tankard! Any true Maggot will love to get their hands on this official Slipknot tankard!

This Slipknot Tankard has a flaming goat head metal emblem stating ‘established 1995 – Des Moines. Iowa’ from where the band originated. With hand painted finish and leather-effect resin outside and open zip details and stitching on the top and bottom, this Nemesis Now Slipknot Tankard will make you the envy of all your metal loving friends! Its detailed goat horn handle and Iconic slipknot logo will catch the eye of any slipknot fan with its gruesome and dark feel. This tankard mirrors Chris Fenn’s mask from the All Hope Is Gone era with stitching and zip features. Whilst Slipknot inevitably works on an exciting new album, sit back and relax with this new Slipknot merchandise item. 

We hope that this tankard is your kind, so pick one up before you forget!

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