There's no denying that this time of year, the weather is a little bit cold to say the least. With Christmas catching our budgets off guard, most of us try and make do with last year's clothing; that's where Blue Banana comes to the rescue. All year round we've pick the best brands and alt clothing to show off, and this week we'll be having a large number of women's sweaters on sale in our up to 70. off Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Cardigans offer! But hurry, this offer ends next week!

The Best Alt Sweaters On Sale

Choosing a new top can sometimes be a tough decision. Do you get something that fits in with your current wardrobe? Or perhaps something that's new and exciting to inspire a entirely different look? The choice is totally down to you! If you don't consider yourself a stranger to our women's winter sweater sections or men's jumpers; we're sure would have noticed some classic style options to choose from, alongside some new arrivals. Depending on your style choice, today could be your lucky day!

If you're looking to take things back all the way to the days of vintage fashion, we think you'll instantly fall in love with the Voodoo Vixen Clara Mustard Floral Sweater in Yellow; but if you feel your Gothic wardrobe is in dire need of some upkeep, be sure to view the Jawbreaker Skull Piece Rose Sweater

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Sweaters & Hoodies Sale

There's no denying that you can never have too many hoodies; and once you see all of the options available to you at Blue Banana, you'll be sure to agree. Occult, Pop Culture or quirky; all the styles are here. One of our most popular ranges though, has to be our range of official band hoodies. Not only is our range full of some of the worlds greatest bands in alternative music, there are a variety of classic designs from old albums as well as the latest! Shop by band here

But that's not all, within our range we have some of the finest black gothic hoodies from best brands, like the elegant and grungy Jawbreaker Velvet Lace Up Hoodie. Take a browse of our range and experiment for your next style. But don't take our word for it! Head over to our hoodies section here.

Women's Cardigan Sweaters On Sale

If the weather is cold and you need an extra layer that can add to your style, women's cardigan sweaters should be your first choice. Cardigans not only offer that extra warmth but at Blue Banana they are also incredibly stylish. Take a look below and see some of our amazing gothic and vintage themed embroidered tops! 

So there you have a little look at this week's sale! If you fancy seeing everything we have to offer be sure to visit our website here for the best alternative fashion, footwear and cosmetics!