The last month has been pretty crazy for us superhero lovers! We’ve had the home release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the hugely popular Avengers: Infinity War and to finish, Deadpool 2. Luckily for you, here at Blue Banana we stock a massive range of pop culture apparel to keep your hype going for far past release and if you stay with us, there are enough pop culture items to keep you geared until the release of Avengers 4!

Shopped with us before? We’re sure you’re pretty aware with all of the amazing official merchandise you can get your hands on; but that doesn’t mean we stock only clothing! You’ll also be able to get your hands of epic gifts and cute stationary for all occasions. Do you fancy finding out more? Keep reading and get yourself prepared for the next phase!

Your One Stop Pop Culture Store

If you love Pop Culture as much as we do than there is only one thing to do, stock up on as much comic book clothing as possible and represent your favourite characters. Sometimes that can be pretty difficult, especially when some of the more of the niche characters have very little merchandise to grab. In our pop culture shop though, you’ll be able to find the best clothing for the Avengers, Deadpool, Dr Strange and even the incredible Hulk! Want to take a closer look for yourself? Check out the full Marvel Section here or have a look at some of our favourite items below.


But that’s not all, we stock far more than just pop culture apparel. Within our Marvel section you’ll also be able to find new back to school backpacks, 3-D notebooks and even character cuff links for the men who have absolutely everything!


Your New Star Wars Pop Culture Online Store

We do love super hero’s but if there’s something that’s in strong competition; it’s Star Wars. As well as featuring some amazing clothing and costumes, our galactic range features some of the best pop culture gifts from the vast collection of recent Star Wars films, as well as the highly anticipated Solo: A Star Wars Story. Take a look at the new arrivals below and some of our favourite products from a galaxy far far away.


Pop Culture Collectables For Your Wardrobe

It’s safe to say that there’s always been a little beef between the Marvel and DC Universe. But not here at Blue Banana! Here you’ll be able to treat yourself to the greatest kyrptonian garbs as Superman or the Dark Knight Batman. Shop through our huge pop culture store and find your favourite films with to complete your look. There’s something for every fan and every character; plus there’s plenty of low cost gifts available for you to stock up in advance!

Take a look at all of the DC treasures available below:


Gaming Pop Culture Gifts

As well comic book and film characters, gaming characters can be some of the best. In our pop culture shop you’ll be able to shop some of your favourite gaming characters your all time favourites such as Mario, Call Of Duty and Five Night’s At Freddy’s. With Mug gift sets, cosy clothing and awesome badge sets to be had, there’e definitely something here for the professional gamers and those looking to add a hint of nostalgia into their life. Check out the full gaming gifts section here and take a look some of our favourite items below:


Classic Film Pop Culture Items

Some of our favourite pop culture films such as Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney are here and waiting. We’ve made sure that our list of pop culture items doesn’t just stick to the classic super heroes but also fits with those looking for a little bit of unique fashion from their all-time favourite childhood movies. Check out the list of items available below:


So there you have it! Our full list of Marvel, DC and Star Wars pop culture apparel for you to add to your collection.  Don’t forget that you can also visit our full pop culture section here and also check out our range of merchandise from shows such as Game of Thrones and Adventure time! Show us your favourite merch on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!