You know it’s a good day when you see that there are new Dr Martens lining the online shelves of Blue Banana! With a new fashion season underway, it’s the perfect time to have a spring clean of your footwear collection and top it up with a knockout new pair of Docs! Check out our little blog showcase of all the new styles and new Dr Martens boots available now in our online store! There’s certainly going to be a style to love in these new footwear options.

Dr Martens Iced Metallics Collection

After the huge popularity of the Dr Martens Glitter Boots, we’re confident that the boots from the Dr Martens Iced Metallics range are sure to cause a stir. The new metallic range from DMs includes all of the top notch features from the iconic 1460 Pascals range, but brings a futuristic new twist with their shimmering iridescent finish. Take a closer look below:

We love ‘em both (with names like ‘Silver Lazer' & 'Mallow Pink’ it’s hard not to!) and think you will too. These 1460 Pascal Iced Metallics are sure to give a glacially cool look that will shimmer and shine throughout the sunny seasons. Go ahead and treat your feet – they’re sure to look awesome! Match these beauties with your next planned outfit which is sure to shine even brighter in the summer sun!

Exciting Dr Martens New Boots

The number of new Dr Martens styles you’ll be wanting to try out should be stacking up by now! If the Icy Metallic look isn’t really your thing, then make sure to check out some more exciting styles below.

  • Dr Martens Playing Card 1460 Boots are now in stock and it’s certainly a style to trump them all! The baroque effect black and white print is sure to make you feel like you’ve played a winning hand. Be sure to take a closer look at these beauties to get the full effect of the intricate heart and crown detailing. 
  • Dr Martens Jadon II Vegan Boots are sure to make you and your style stand tall. These cherry red Vegan beauties feature a chunky platform sole with all the air-cushioned, resistant qualities we rely on in a pair of DMs. The shiny red Cambridge Brush finish makes for an impressive looking pair of platform boots. 
  • Dr Martens Smooth Mono White 1460 Boots are a must-have if you love stand out footwear. Every fine detail down to the shoe laces are finished with a sleek and smooth all-white finish. You may be thinking it’s a hard style to maintain, but once you set out in a pair of brilliant white boots, you’ll know that it’s 100. worth the effort.

  • Dr Martens Butterscotch Orleans 1460 Boots are a pair of brown leather that will certainly be a staple choice in any smart alternative look. We think the rich nutty brown of this butterscotch shade is sure to please. The Orleans leather finish gives a slight textured effect which will take your look to the next level! 
  • Dr Martens Smooth Navy 1460 Boots will keep your style looking smooth and sophisticated. At an initial look, the boots appear black, but this pair of classic 1460s comes here in a dark and mysterious navy blue finish. If you want a shade that’s a little different yet sticks to the DMs feel, then these are the perfect choice for you! 
  • Dr Martens 806. Patent Lamper Shoes have a smart school shoe effect with extra gloss and shiny leather. The delicate brogue pattern finish is paired with all the classic chunky features typical of DMs DNA. Treat yourself to this simple shoe which is sure to stand the test of time and look all kinds of fantastic in any and every outfit.

If you’ve been waiting for the new season to buy Dr Martens, then the time to shop is now! With brand new styles and a restock of some old-favourites there’s never been a better time to shop Dr Martens at Blue Banana. We are proud Dr Martens UK stockists and are pleased to offer our customers a great selection of this iconic footwear range.

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