La Riche Directions has released 11 new colours which are all now available at Blue Banana! Over this year, we have had plenty of time at home to experiment with new hair colours so make sure you see the year out in style with one last stunning shade from La Riche. 

In case you need a reminder or have never used La Riche hair colour before, their vibrant hair colour has plenty of benefits to your locks:

  • Vegan friendly: La Riche Directions is a PETA registered product that is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
  • PPD free: La Riche Directions steer clear of those harsh chemicals to bring you vibrant colour without the strong ingredients.
  • Conditions While It Dyes: La Riche Directions will leave your hair feeling nourished as it conditions while it dyes which also means you can leave it on your hair as long as you need to get the benefit of the full colour.

Like most vibrant hair dyes, La Riche hair dye is best applied to pre-lightened hair to make the most of their bold colours. The good news is La Riche's Hair Lightening Bleach Kit is available from Blue Banana and is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Remember, always read the instructions before you bleach or dye your hair and perform a patch test.

Now onto the important part! We are excited to reveal the 11 new shades of Directions hair dye, available from Blue Banana for you to try!

These first three hair dyes feature bold green and yellow tones, for a truly alt design. Whether you want to dip dye or fully cover your hair in these awesome colours, they are sure to make a statement. The two green hair dyes are part of the fluorescent range meaning you can enjoy a fab neon colour while the Sunflower shade is sure to give a sunny splash of yellow to your look.

If pastel tones are more your vibe then these brand new shades are unmissable. From the unique La Riche Directions Peach to gorgeous shades of La Riche Directions lilac. Try a new purple shade with Antique Mauve and Pastel Rose. Completing this pastel line-up is the new Pastel Blue shade; a light sky blue shade.

Finally, we have the darker tones in the new Directions Dye collection. Shaking up the grey trend is the dark and smoky Stormy Grey Shade that is perfect for pairing with your Gothic or alt style. Prefer something with a bit of colour? These deliciously dark blue and purple tones are sure to have you feeling like a bad-ass.

As you can see Direction hair colour has made sure there is something for everyone in their new collection of colours. We can't decide which one to try first but one thing is for sure; we are obsessed! La Riche Directions hair dye lasts for 2-6 weeks so if you love to regularly switch your hair colour or can only have dyed hair during Christmas or summer then it is the perfect amount of time to experiment with a new hairstyle.