An alternative style requires quirky accessories for every occasion. Some of our most useful and used accessories are our bags and backpacks, which is why it deserves a fashion statement of it's own. Tops, Coats, Trousers and edgy footwear; Blue Banana is the home of alternative fashion and our bag collection doesn't disappoint. But if you're after the top of the line styled bags for your next wardrobe creation; be sure to see our epic range of Hype bags and backpacks! 

Hype Backpacks are a brand of bags that are known for colourful designs and eccentric patterns including Fade, Speckle and Holographic. The classic Hype bag style features adjustable padded straps and back panels for comfort, as well as zipped compartments and an 18. storage capacity.

There's no denying that if you're looking for a fancy new school bag or a rucksack that offers a quirky flare for your daily commute; hyp bags are the ultimate choice. Did you also know that at Blue Banana, Hype bags are available with Free UK Delivery? That's right! Pick your favourite rucksack from one of many crazy styles, and get quick UK delivery for nothing! Picking up a new backpack for a summer holiday? Take advantage of an exclusive offer of Hype Flip Flops for only £4.99 with any Backpack purchase. Check it out here

Limited Edition Hype Bags

Now that we've talked to you about why you should get a new cool backpack, let us show you some of our favourite styles that are arguably the pinnacle of any bag collection. With Hype, they're always taking their styles to the next level, which is why it's not uncommon to find Limited Edition backpacks with collaborations from some of the worlds biggest brands. With recent ranges of Hype X Disney and Hype X Star Wars, we're sure you're now getting the picture of how must-have these products are. As such, these ranges are highly sought after and often only available for a short period. See some of our remaining Limited Edition Hype Backpacks below:

Colourful Hype Backpacks

Now that you've seen some of the amazing styles across the HYPE bags range, let us show off some of the recent additions in the Spring 2019 collection. Bright and colourful accessories can sometimes be difficult to come across, especially if you're looking for something to resonate with your awesome look; but not any more. The new Spring 2019 fashion backpacks are available in some of their best styles yet as Hype bags for girls and men! Keep it chill with the Baller or Chains backpack or go completely crazy with the Hype Cosmic Kitty Backpack!

In case you missed it, Flamingo motif is this year's ultimate pattern! Don't believe us? Head over to our spring clothing range for flamingo bags, cardigans and dresses. A must see if you're taken in by the Hype Flamingo Paradise Backpack!

Not your thing? Well stop right there and let us show off some of our more colourful and classic styles like our Hype speckle Backpacks. Each year we see new variations on the classic hype styles and this year's range is jaw dropping. Check out some of the favourite products below from fluorescent, marble and even the iconic holographic finish.

So there you have it! A look into the next season of Hype backpacks; have you spotted your next alternative accessory/travel companion? Be sure to take a look at the full Hype section here to take advantage of Free UK Delivery and Hype Flip Flops for only £4.99 with any bag purchase!