Is face paint your worst nightmare? Do you end up looking more like a teenagers exercise book? If you are sick of having Halloween face paint that looks more comical than scary then check out our Halloween Face Paint Ideas! You can have the most professional face paints but if you are at a loss for ideas then you may find your costume isn’t ready for Halloween. It is always worth trying out your makeup skills before the big fright night so you are prepared to do your best Halloween face painting so get practicing with our handy guides.

Cool Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Here are some helpful guides to get the creative juices flowing on Halloween face paint ideas. Our easiest Halloween face paint for women is this awesome cobweb eyes design.
To create this look we recommend:

  • Paintglow UV Face and Body Paint (Violet)
  • Manic Panic Love Colours Glitter Eye Shadow (Black Magic)
  • Paintglow UV Face and Body Paint (Black)
  • Paintglow Glitter Me Up Eyeliner (Pink)

Apply the Black Magic eyeshadow to your eyelid and below the eye. Next use the Paintglow Violet Body Paint to colour above the eyelid. Use a makeup brush to draw lines vertically from the eye with the black body paint. Create a web effect by joining these lines with horizontal ‘U’ shapes. If you want an extra hint of colour use the Paintglow Glitter Me Up Eyeliner in pink to enhance your look. Use the Halloween face painting images as a guide. This easy face paint would be perfect for a witch fancy dress or if your workplace has a dress-up day for Halloween.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas, Web

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Next on our list of face paints ideas is a skull design. If you want to achieve this spooky skeleton look why not get the Paintglow Face Paint Kit. This kit contains black and white face paint as well as three extra colours and some fake blood so you are sure to be able to use it for future fancy dress makeup looks. The kit includes everything you need to help you apply your Halloween face paint designs. Use the sponge to achieve full coverage with the white face paint. Take the paintbrush and add the details as shown in the images. Blend the black into the white to create the cool shadow effect. Your creepy skull face paint will be ready for a night of frights!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas, Skull

Image Source Pinterest

Day of the Dead Face Paint

The Day of the Dead sugar skull has got to be top of the Halloween ace paint ideas for adults list. Halloween face painters surely have candy skull designs requested all the time! Achieve a colourful sugar skull for yourself. This look will take more time and patience but the results will be worth it! We have a selection of kits perfect for creating this look:

  • Paintglow Day of the Dead UV Face Paint Kit (Multicoloured)
  • Blue Banana Day of the Dead Skeleton Makeup Kit (Multicoloured)
  • Blue Banana Day of the Dead Moustache Makeup Kit (Multicoloured)
  • Halloween Day of the Dead Makeup Kit (Multicoloured)

Start by using a sponge, which is included in all of these kits, to fully cover your face in white paint. Either sponge or use the paintbrush to create those black hollow eye sockets and nose then get creative with colours! Follow the images or create your own style. Make sure to add the details around the eyes for the best Sugar Skull look. Then add whichever flower and swirl designs you fancy! Make sure to paint your lips a bright red and add lines to create that creepy sewn up effect.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas, Sugar Skull

Image Source Pinterest

These looks will surely give you the confidence to try out Halloween face paint ideas scary. To enhance your new face paint why not add a Halloween prosthetic for that gore factor! We would love to see your Halloween Face Paint designs so why not share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Where To Buy Face Paint On The High Street?

Blue Banana, of course! With plenty of stores across the UK, why not use our studio locator to find one near you. If you love to shop from the comfort of your own sofa then head online to find your perfect Halloween costumes face paint and more! With handy sizeguides and product information shopping online has never been easier!

People like to opt for face paint Snazaroo but we reckon our range of Paintglow kits will help you create an even scarier look. Some of the kits come with fake blood as well as face paint. We have UV kits, Liquid Latex kits and Hairstreak kits for those who want to go all the way and colour their hair for a night.

With plenty of choice for where to buy face paints from Tesco, Asda, Poundland and Argos, we know it can be tough to choose the right retailer. Here at Blue Banana, we are experts on all things weird and wonderful thanks to our huge range of alternative fashion. We are prepared for Halloween and the best part is you can shop in one place for your entire outfit! From Halloween costumes to props to makeup, we have got all the frightening products you could possibly need to help your fancy dress party be a success.