Calling all alternative music fans; if you've been living under a rock or need to know a little more about one of this year's biggest alt music events; keep reading to find out about the Download Festival 2019 Lineup so you can start planning your trip! 

When it comes to the alternative scene; Blue Banana knows a thing or two. From yearly festival advice and equipment to preparing your look with the most epic official band merch, we can lend a hand every step of the way. If you're looking for something to do in the summer, a stay-cation really cannot go any better than a long weekend at your favorite festival. Each year there are multiple events to attend but for the top music lovers looking for their fix of the world's greatest alternative metal bands in one place; look no further than heading to Donnington's Download Festival 2019.

Download Festival 2019 Headliners

If you haven't attended a festival before and are a little apprehensive, not to worry! We have plenty of guides that can help prepare for a music festival on the Blue Banana blog! Usually for music lovers, a festival is a time to hang out with your friends and enjoy some of your favourite bands. Whether it's classic albums that you've been dying to see and hear for yourself or an upcoming album your looking to get a sneak peak of; there are always a few exclusive surprises. Luckily for all people who are able to attend Download festival 2019, this year's lineup is looking legendary! With a return from Slipknot with their upcoming album; as well as classic bands Def Leppard and Tool hitting the main stage! Check out the full lineup below:

Download Festival Slipknot 2019

If you are heading to any festival this year it should be Download for one reason alone; Slipknot. Slipknot are an iconic band in heavy metal and have always been a popular choice due to their eccentric masks, unique sound and incredible performances. Although this band tours the world frequently; their status means that their presence is unsually limited to the biggest venues; and for the UK in 2019 it's Download festival. If that isn't reason enough to see a Slipknot Download Festival performance, know that you could be one of the very first people worldwide to experience a live look at tracks from their upcoming album 'We Are Not Your Kind'.

If you haven't already be sure to take a look at two of the latest singles to be featured on the next album 'All Out Life' & 'Unsainted'. Are you prepared to see them live? In case you didn't know, Slipknot gigs can get pretty rowdy. With intense moshing from fans dating back to their first albums nearly 20 years ago; it's important to look the part! If you haven't got a Slipknot top at the ready make sure to take a look at our official band merchandise range here. Whether you want to represent an older era of Slipknot or check out the latest band merch clothing, we've got it all.

Official Band Merchandise - Download Headliners

Even with Slipknot being one of the most anticipated acts of this year's Download; don't let them over shadow other classic bands that can be heard on the main stage and side stages this year. Some of our favourite acts that are returning for 2019 Download festivals lineup are Def Leppard, Slayer and Rob Zombie. These bands are known for their alternative flare and presence within the alternative music scene. Be sure to see our range of official merch to match your festival fashion. Shop by band here.

2019 is going to be a fantastic year for Download festival attendees. You'll get to see some of the worlds most popular bands and new tracks live before anyone else.