Eco Glitter Fun has arrived at Blue Banana, just in time for festival season! This biodegradable glitter can be used not only for creating your awesome festival makeup, but also in crafts and as part of your everyday makeup. The best part is, it is completely biodegradable and eco friendly.

For all you eco warriors who may be wondering is biodegradable glitter really biodegradable? Here is the science behind the glitter magic. Regular glitter is made from plastic which is a big no thank you from the environment, especially since we all know how easily glitter spreads. Eco Glitter Fun is made from biodegradable cellulose film which means if it does end up in the environment then nature takes over, with microbes consuming the glitter and breaking it down naturally. Sounds super simple, right! And just to give you even further reassurance, Eco Glitter Fun are an official BioGlitter licensed reseller.

One of the other benefits of this new eco friendly glitter is that it is much softer than plastic based glitters so no nasty scratching on application! This also makes it a perfect addition to your homemade soap. If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your bathroom then biodegradable glitter for soap can be a fun and easy way to achieve your dream aesthetic.

Biodegradable Glitter For Makeup

Like we mentioned, there are a few ways you can glitter up your life, starting with festival makeup! So first things first, it is time to get coordinated. As you can see, there are a range of colour packs to choose from including the super popular Pride pack. The rainbow shades will give you a taster of an array of different colours. If you already have a theme to stick to then Sky focuses around a blue colour palette and pinky will provide you with those super cute pink and purple tones.

This biodegradable glitter gel makeup includes cosmetic aloe vera glue for application and a bamboo brush to help you achieve the perfect even coverage. Eco Glitter Fun doesn't just focus on reducing plastic in their glitter, their packaging is also low on plastic waste too. This is one biodegradable glitter manufacturer who seriously wants to help the environment.

There are a range of ways you could style your glitter. Whether you choose patterns, block colours or a random splattering of sparkles we know you will look and feel fabulous. The biodegradable body glitter can be used on whichever part of your body you wish from face to back and all the way down to your toes.

If you want to use a biodegradable glitter makeup for your everyday look, then apply small amounts over your eye shadow for a subtle shimmer. Eco Glitter Fun comes in a variety of sizes so be sure to use one of the fine glitters for a hint of sparkle.

If you are looking for a biodegradable glitter set that is a little smaller, then check out the 3 pack option. These are great starter packs for dipping your toes into glitter makeup styles. With a range of colours to choose from, you can create fancy dress makeup looks as well as glamour makeup.

Eco Friendly Glitter Makeup Ideas

We think adding some glitter to your festival look will help you feel instantly more photogenic and confident. The bright shimmering colours look especially awesome in sunlight, but we know festivals aren't exactly renowned for their great weather!

If you are stuck inside for a rainy weekend, there's no need to put away your Eco Glitter Fun. You can use biodegradable glitter for crafts! Whatever your art project, this soft glitter is perfect for creating artistic finishes to your projects. A quick home DIY could see you transforming your home into glitter paradise. 

Are you ready to get creative with your Eco Glitter Fun? We can't wait to see the creative ways you use your biodegradable glitter so be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in your fabulous glitter makeup and craft projects.