We’ve got a huge range of official band merch at Blue Banana which spans from classic tees and hoodies to homeware and mugs. There’s plenty of neat gadgets and gizmos that are sure to make the perfect Christmas gift for any rocker or metalhead. They'll be moshing around the Christmas tree in no time with everything we have to offer!

We’re sure that you’re pretty au fait with shopping for band tees, but what about the all extra goodies? Here’s your quick guide to all the fun band merch extras we have ready to go as a top 202. alternative Christmas present. We’ve got a bunch of rockin’ stocking fillers as well as some pretty impressive main gifts. While we're talking about tees, have you checked out our T Shirt multibuy offer yet?

Band Merch Hoodies

If you've got the tee, then why not get the hoodie to match? There are plenty of hoodie options available which are perfect as a winter warmer hoodie option. Whilst we sit and wait for gigs and festivals to kickstart again, why not spend your evenings warmed by hoodies from the likes of Motorhead, Nirvana and My Chemical Romance.

Band Merch Tankards

We LOVE the look of these Nemesis Now tankards. Each have been painstakingly hand painted to create an awesome finished effect. These will make for a top gift for any rocker who intends to get merry and bright over the festive season. Sip in true classic rock style with some of the amazing options available. Take a look for yourself:

We know you shouldn’t pick favourites but with the epic return of ACDC during 2020. there’s certainly plenty of reason to be picking up the High Voltage Tankard for any excited fan. And of course, we can’t not mention the awesome look of the Iron Maiden Trooper Tankard - the incredible detail really makes this option stand out!

Alchemy Rocks Jewellery

A truly romantic gift for a partner or loved one at Christmas time is definitely jewellery! However, why not throw out the rule book with this year’s purchase of trinkets and treasures. Our selection of Alchemy Rocks features a range of jewellery from classic rock and metal heavyweights.

Shop earrings, pendants and necklaces who all pay tribute to some of our favourite iconic bands. These gifts could make the perfect extra something for the merch-head who has everything when it comes to merch. Check out these cute stud earrings as well as cool alternatives to dainty necklaces and pendants.

Rocksax Backpacks (and Wallets!)

There's plenty of amazing Rocksax Backpacks available at Blue Banana. There's alternative school rucksacks are a perfect gift for any fan of the following bands: My Chemical Romance, Iron Maiden, Guns N' Roses, Fall Out Boy & Bring Me The Horizon (to name a few!). Check out the selection below to help you find your perfect design. Alternatively, you can head directly to the Rocksax Backpack range.

You should also know about the cool Rocksax Wallets we have available for purchase. There's plenty of options of designs and styles of these wallets to help you match with the perfect backpack design. We think an extra Wallet gift is certainly in order for those that made it onto the nice list this year!

Both Rocksax Backpacks and Wallets are currently part of our Rocksax Combo Deal which means you can both a rucksack and a wallet for just £29.99. Double up on your band merch gifting this year and really give someone special that little extra treat.

Rock Band Socks

Socks are either the best or the worst gift you'll get at Christmas. Make sure that your sock stocking filler is at the top of the 202. charts with some of the band merch socks we have available. There's plenty of designs from your favourite bands new and old. We know you shouldn't pick favourites, but we've got Slipknot socks on our list to Father Christmas this year!

Whilst a pair of these socks would make for an awesome gift, we think there's plenty more band merch you could buy alongside your sock purchase. An official 202. band tee would make the perfect accompaniment to any sock purchase. Check out our full range of official band t shirts here.

Band Merch Stocking Fillers

Did you think we were finished? Ho ho no! The are plenty more options when it comes to filling your loved ones stockings with rock and metal goodness. There are plenty of neat extras such as Keyrings, Back Patches, Mugs & more. If you know an aspiring patch jacket creator, then there's plenty of stitch on backpatches available from some of your favourite bands. Take a look at some of our extra stocking fillers below:

We're sure that there's plenty of band merch gifting options that will make Christmas shopping 202. a whole lot easier. There's a range of eclectic gifts and novelty ideas that will make this Christmas a little extra special. With the year we've had so far, it's certainly worth picking up some little extras to make for bigger and better 202. gifts. Whatever your plans for Christmas; stay safe and keep on rocking!