Ear Stretchers are designed to be worn in stretched piercings, most commonly earlobes. For more information about ear stretchers, see below.
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Ear Stretchers

Picking Out Ear Stretchers
It is important to choose the right material for your piercing jewellery as your body may react differently to different materials. Getting the right material of ear stretcher is important for the health of your piercing.
  • Size: Ear Stretchers are suitable to use in standard lobe piercings but take care not to gauge up too quickly. It is important to make sure your lobe piercing is fully healed before starting to stretch your piercing.
  • Material: Most commonly a taper or ear stretcher will be made from acrylic but ear plugs are also available in silicone, surgical steel and glass.
Inserting/Removing Ear Stretchers
Before handling your piercing, always make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. 

You can stretch your piercing at home but we always recommend visiting a piercer before beginning, especially if this is your first time attempting to stretch a piercing.

It is important to be patient and not attempt to change your piercing jewellery or gauge up before your piercing is fully healed as this can cause complications. If scar tissue develops it can stop you from stretching your ear lobe any further. Patience is definitely the key to success when stretching a piercing.

For a full guide on how to stretch piercings, see our Stretching page here.

Where can you use ear stretchers?
While it is most common to stretch an earlobe piercing using a taper, it is possible to stretch other soft tissue piercings such as the septum, cheek, and lip.

There are two ways to stretch a piercing. To method you choose may depend on the location. The most common way is to slowly stretch the skin over time by using a taper or stretching jewellery. The second method is to use a dermal punch which removes a piece of flesh in order to instantly create a large hole.

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