Nose piercing is available in several forms but the most common is nostril piercing which features a small stud or nose piercing hoop to one side of the nose. Did you get your nose piercing at Blue Banana? You can download your Aftercare Leaflet, here.

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Nose Piercing Jewellery

Nose Piercing Procedure

One of the most frequently asked questions about nose piercing involves the use of a nose piercing gun. A nose piercing should never be performed with a piercing gun (some piercing studios use piercings guns for nostril piercings). This is because it can shatter the cartilage that is being pierced. Some piercers use a Studex system which customers sometimes confuse with a piercing gun but at Blue Banana, we will always use a needle to perform piercings. This is because it is a safer way to perform piercings that gives cleaner and more precise results allowing for smoother healing.

Make sure to check the nose piercing age restriction before coming to store. It can help to avoid any undue disappointment. In a Blue Banana studio, nose piercing age restrictions vary between each piercing. 

Once you’re all booked in, you will have some forms to fill out. A member of Blue Banana staff will go through the steps and can help you pick out jewellery. Then you can meet the piercer! They too will give you a quick consultation and briefing before discussing the nostril piercing location.

Nose piercing price will vary depending on the type of nose piercing you are having. The cheapest is the nostril piercing which is usually £30 - £35. The septum nose piercing cost is £38 - £43.

Nose Piercing Aftercare Advice
Whether you have a nostril piercing, septum piercing, or anther type of nose piercing the aftercare is similar. Soak cotton wool in a saltwater solution and gently bathe the area twice a day to remove any dead skin and keep your piercing clean. Sticking to this aftercare routine will ensure you keep your piercing clean and help you to heal your piercing. 

The healing time will vary for each piercing so make sure to check out the specific page for your piercing to find out more detailed information on how to care for your piercing.
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Please Note: Blue Banana piercing information is based on knowledge from our experiences as the one of the UK's top piercing studios. All details provided should be read alongside professional advice. Please see our full Piercing Articles Disclaimer, here.