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Oral piercings are available in a variety of different types for various areas in and around your mouth. See below for more information about the types of Oral Piercings, available at Blue Banana. Did you get your nose piercing at Blue Banana? You can download your Aftercare Leaflet, here.
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Oral Piercing Jewellery

Oral Piercings With Blue Banana
Typically the most common type of oral piercing is a tongue piercing consisting of a straight or curved barbell placed through the tongue. However, in recent years there has been increased popularity for under tongue piercings such as web piercings. 

If you’re unsure about your next oral piercing or are interested in more information, let us tell you about the different types of tongue piercings:
  • Tongue Piercing – A straight or curved barbell through the centre of the tongue. 
  • Venom Piercing – A double tongue piercing which mimics snake fangs. 
Specialist Oral Piercings:
  • Smiley (Frenulum) – Also known as a "Scrumper”, a smiley piercing is a body piercing through the upper lip frenulum. 
  • Frowny (Anti Smiley) – An oral piercing through the lower lip frenulum.
  • Web – A tongue web piercing is through the frenulum located underneath the tongue. The recommended jewellery for this type of oral piercing is a circular barbell.
Many of these piercings will be hidden for much of the time, especially the Web and Frowny piercings, which makes them appealing to people who need to cover their piercings for work.

When it comes to choosing a mouth piercing it’s important to understand the types of piercings available and how they will impact your body. With Oral piercings, it is important to understand and perform rigorous cleaning procedures in order to reduce the risk of infection. Although all piercings require vigilant aftercare, it’s important to understand the unique maintenance procedures that are required for your oral piercing aftercare

If you’re considering an oral piercing it’s important to understand that you’ll need to refrain from contact, such as kissing, as well as maintaining high levels of dental and oral hygiene to reduce the chance of infections. For some tongue piercing aftercare including frenulum and web, jewellery types need to be chosen carefully to reduce rubbing and damage to the tooth enamel.

For more information on Oral Piercings at Blue Banana please read our FAQs below or go straight to our Tongue, Venom, Smiley, Frowny, or Web Piercing articles to learn about the procedure, pain scale, and recommended jewellery.
Oral Piercing Aftercare Advice
Oral piercings can be difficult to heal if a strict aftercare regime isn’t followed. These piercings are placed inside the mouth which means extra care needs to be taken to avoid debris building up around the piercing jewellery and wound. Make sure to rinse your mouth after eating in order to clear away any build-up. 

Your regular cleaning routine should be carried out twice a day. Swill a saltwater solution to keep your piercing wound clean and continue with this routine throughout the healing time. For more detailed information about how long each type of oral piercing takes to heal, as well as other information about each piercing, please see our specific page guides.