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Welcome to our New Rock Footwear range. Blue Banana is proud to be an official UK stockist and supplier of this iconic footwear brand. Providing style, attitude and quality, this collection of boots and shoes is right at home within our own alternative footwear collection. We are delighted to bring these top-of-the-range New Rocks boots products to our online customers.

Since the beginnings of their shoemaking tradition in 1929, New Rock has been wholly dedicated to maintaining their exclusive image and top-class craftsmanship. To this day, you won’t find a pair of New Rock shoes that isn’t well-made and simply oozing with alternative style. Here are our featured ranges that are the most popular boots with our customers.
We think you’ll love the feeling of ordering a pair of boots that are being made by hand and just for you!If you love your footwear to be bold, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of New Rock shoes. Make sure to check out the New Rock Shoes or New Rock Trainers sections for our very best in formal and fierce footwear.

As a UK-based New Rock store, we are pleased to provide our alternative fashion clientele with some of the best footwear to match their unique and standout style. A proper shoe investment, these rock boots will not only look incredible, but will stand the test of time for years to come.

New Rock Footwear: Boots at Their Best

New Rock is certainly a name to be reckoned with when it comes to alternative footwear. The New Rock boots logo signifies that a piece of footwear is made from the very best exclusive leather. People may think that New Rock are all about set style and colour, but there are certainly more options available than just black boots. You can shop a huge variety of colours including white, purple, blue and brown New Rock boots.

Do you know your Motorcycle from your Motorock? Your Neo Punk from your Neptuno? With our complete and comprehensive New Rock collections there are plenty of unique collections to choose from. Browse our full shoe range and you might discover a brand new style of shoe! Perhaps you’ll suit a pair of Newman shoes instead of your go-to pair of New Rock VIPs? There’s only one way to find out!

If you’re looking to shop by New Rock style rather than collection, then here are some of the styles you will find tucked away in our New Rock collection. All made from the same high-quality materials, here are some of the most common styles you’ll find in our online shoe store.
  • Gothic Boots – the pinnacle of the New Rock brand, if you love Goth fashion then there’s surely room for a pair of these shoes in your wardrobe. There are skulls, spikes and even crucifixes – making this range of footwear ideal for occult, emo, industrial and punk fashion looks. 
  • Steampunk Boots– if you love vintage Victorian styles, then you are sure to find plenty of heavy and industrial styles suited to this eclectic fashion subculture. Bronzed boots with buckles and rivets are sure to complete any outfit taken straight from bygone eras.
  • Western Boots - with cowboy boots aplenty, you’ll be the envy of the Wild West with shoes from the West & Bull collection. With brown, tan and even snake skin effect designs, you’ll feel like you’re right of out of a spaghetti western! Designs for both men and women now available.
  • Vintage Boots –New Rock vintage boots are finished with a textured floral finish with a vintage baroque effect. Featuring everything from ankle boots to formal shoes, this vintage effect is a popular look that will certainly step up you look. 
Adorn your alternative footwear options with a whole range of gorgeously Gothic add-ons. Pick styles covered with flames, skulls, spikes, chains and more! Each and every style is unashamedly bold and striking – you’re sure to get noticed wearing a pair of Nu Rock boots.

If you love to shop your footwear ethically then a pair of shoes from the New Rock Vegan range is exactly what you’ll need. Made entirely from synthetic vegan materials, you certainly don’t skimp on the style of a pair of vegan boots; you simply avoid using the exclusive leather.

Another standout feature has always been the New Rock soles. There is a huge variety of soles which generally determine which collection a shoe belongs to. Many designs are made from natural rubber which gives the boots a solid and sturdy base. The industrial chunky style extends to the sole with additional rivets, springs and branding giving the soles their edge.

Buy New Rock Boots from Blue Banana

With some New Rock stock being readily available for dispatch from our UK fulfilment centre, you could be enjoying your new footwear in no time. UK customers can enjoy short shipping times and boots in no time! Make sure to check out our dedicated Fast Delivery New Rocks section – you could have your dream pair of shoes with you in a flash!

As well as our fast delivery, urgent order New Rock stock, all on-demand order boots are shipped directly from Spain. As one of the biggest online New Rocks UK stores, we have a wealth of footwear options available. With both men and women’s shoe sizes available, we have plenty of styles that stretch across the New Rock size chart. Filter by styles in our shopping sections to see which pairs are best for you.

If you’re struggling to navigate your way through the Nu Rock boots jungle of terms, then make sure to have a look at all of the product information available. We’ve made sure you know everything and anything about these alternative boots so you can make an informed and confident purchase. They are a pretty big investment, but you can be sure to get the very best footwear courtesy of Blue Banana and New Rock.