Veganuary: Vegan Clothing & Cosmetics

Vegnauary is a fairly recent phenomenon and is a great New Year's month-long challenge to try a vegan lifestyle. Vegan products do not use any kind of animal produce meaning you can shop cruelty free cosmetics and use the latest materials, including vegan leather. It's not too late to start Veganuary 2019, in fact you could take on this challenge in any month.

Veganuary meaning is to try out living as a vegan by changing your shopping habits and your meal plans. While generally people focus on food, there are plenty of other aspects of your life that you can change to be vegan including clothing, footwear and cosmetics.

Here at Blue Banana we stock a range of vegan brands so you can shop your entire look with us. Take a look at our clothing, footwear and cosmetics (including hair dye) for information about how you could switch to a vegan brand. Whether you would like to maintain a vegan lifestyle or would like to improve the sustainability of your life and environmental impact, this could be a step in the right direction. You may be surprised at some of the brands that stock vegan products!

Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan makeup can be tricky to find, since even products which are cruelty-free can contain animal by-products such as beeswax. There are a couple of brands to look out for when searching for best vegan cosmetics. The main vegan cosmetics brands we stock are Manic Panic and Barry M.

Manic Panic have veganism at the heart of their brand and boast a huge collection of products - almost all of which is suitable for vegan's and cruelty free. From foundations to lip gloss, you can enjoy a range of beauty products from this brand.

Barry M have a range of vegan cosmetics but please note not all their products are suitable for vegans. To see the full Barry M vegan cosmetics list for our website please click here. Some of their products contain products such as beeswax, but all their products are cruelty-free. Complete your look with a range of vegan eyeliners, kohl pencils and foundations.

One of the harder products to find is vegan eyeshadow. This is because often the pigments that give you those bold long-lasting colours contain carmine, which is basically crushed bugs. Don't worry, Manic Panic have found one solution to this. Their range of glitter is suitable for vegans and has kept it's great pigmentation. This loose glitter dust will need a base product such as Glam Glue to help it stay but it is suitable for use on the skin, around the eyes and even on your hair!

Just like their cosmetics, Manic Panic is suitable for vegans and is cruelty free. In fact, that's not the only thing they are free from! The list includes:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • PPD-Free
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Resorcinol-Free
  • Phthalate-Free

Tish & Snooky's motto is 'Tested on celebrities, not animals', so you can see why they are one of the most popular vegan cosmetic brands. Originally based in the USA, Tish & Snooky also have vegan cosmetics UK so you can shop all your favourite products with us. To see our Manic Panic hair dye range click here.

Manic Panic aren't the only brand to go vegan friendly; La Riche Directions also have a vegan friendly formula that is ammonia, peroxide and PPD free. Our La Riche hair dyes are available as singles and 4 packs, so you can ensure that you have enough to cover all your hair with plenty left over for touching up your roots. See the whole range of vegan hair dyes here.

Vegan Clothing

Clothing can be a confusing subject when it comes to shopping vegan. Especially as most people also want to ensure their clothing has been ethically made and sourced. As a rule, it is best to stick to plant based materials such as cotton to ensure your clothing is suitable but you may also want to look into the brand to see how they make their clothing. One of the vegan clothing brands we stock is Spiral Direct. Their cotton T Shirts feature fantasy gothic designs from wolves to skulls. Check out a few of our vegan clothing items below.

Our vegan clothing line also includes jackets, hoodies and vest tops. To shop the complete range, click here. If you are looking for substitute vegan clothing materials then take a look at our new Jawbreaker Rise Or Die Vegan Leather Jacket. It features a zip and belt fastening for a flattering shape and can be paired with a variety of styles.

Vegan Shoes

One of the biggest successes of vegan clothing is vegan leather which is helping you to enjoy a range of faux leather shoes and keep the style that you love. Vegan leather does have some slightly different properties to real leather but generally it is a fantastic substitute. You may notice the vegan leather doesn't age in the same way and is not quite as breathable as real leather. Aside from this, you can enjoy iconic footwear styles, animal produce free!

One of the most timeless footwear styles, that is sure to stay in fashion infinitely is Dr Martens boots and shoes. Docs have a range of vegan shoes which means you can enjoy 1460 boots, Chelsea boots, wingtip shoes and more. Currently available in black, cherry red and dark purple you can enjoy both matte and patent styles of vegan leather. These affordable vegan shoes can be cheaper than their natural leather equivalent so you could even save a little money by switching to vegan clothing and footwear.

While there are some vegan shoes brands, others have a vegan range like New Rock. The ultimate gothic footwear, these bad-ass boots are made from vegan leather so you can enjoy the same fashion without the real leather. The comfort-light boots feature a lace up and buckle style, and include the iconic New Rock planet rivet. See the full range here.

As you can see, it can be quite easy to start incorporating vegan friendly products into your daily life. Whether the products become part of your makeup routine or are part of your everyday wardrobe, you can start by making just a couple of switches. If you are taking on the challenge to go fully vegan or are interested to know the alternative options for vegan brands, you could start your Veganuary with a brand new look.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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