Summer Style: How to Look Hot All Season Long!

Ahh, Summer. The season of barbecues, festivals, holidays and more ice cream than you can shake a stick at…sounds idyllic, right? Got your ballin’ Summer wardrobe ready? No? What are you waiting for?

We’ve created some awesome inspiration boards for your viewing pleasure, along with some tips on how to maintain your bad ass style all season long. So avoid any sartorial nightmares this season and check out our Summer style guide,’cos it’s time to hang up your hoodies, crack out the sunnies and embrace the Summer in style – YOUR style!

We're not saying that Toht's face melted 'cos he was overdresses for Summer, but we're not NOT saying that either...

We’re not saying that Toht’s face melted ‘cos he was overdressed for Summer, but we’re not NOT saying that either…


Menswear #1

Are hoodies and jeans your signature look? Not sure how to break the style habit without veering into ‘Dad on the Beach’ territory? Fear not fellas, we’ve got you sorted! We’ve got a huge range of Summer ready styles, from shorts and tank tops to tees and caps, perfect for keeping you feeling cool but looking hot all Summer long!

Stuck for ideas? Check out these handy tips on how to customise your Summer wardrobe…

  1. Roll the sleeves up on your favourite band tees to give your classics a Summer facelift, or, if you’ve got some tees that’ve seen better days, chop them into muscle tanks!
  2. Can’t bear to be separated from your beloved jeans, but can’t stand the heat? Why not try making them into some bad ass cut offs? (We do reserve the right to sing this to anyone who gets a little scissor happy..)
  3. If trainer socks ain’t your bag, why not wear statement socks? Go for crazy colours, patterns or even mismatch them for a unique look!
Always make sure your shorts "...effectively hide your thunder..."

Always make sure your shorts “…effectively hide your thunder…”


Womenswear #1: Retro Inspired Summer Style

If you’re a BIG fan of dresses and you’re surgically attached to your tights, then we’ve got just the collection for you! Channel a retro aesthetic this season! As a perpetual fashion favourite, flare dresses, high waisted swimwear and 50’s style prints are especially popular this Summer. From bikinis to boleros and sun dresses to shirts, we’ve got a huge range of retro inspired fashion for you to choose from! In sizes 6 to 24, there’s something for every taste, budget and size.

Think that Retro inspired fashion is too fussy for you to rock in the Summertime? Not with these tips…

  1. Pop a thin pair of cycling shorts under your dress or skirt. Not only will they protect your modesty (in case of unexpected gusts of wind!), but they’ll stop chub rub dead in it’s tracks.
  2. Think retro fashion means that heels are a necessity? Think again, it’s time to embrace flat shoes! Heels can be a pain in the butt at the best of times, never mind when you’re hot, sweaty and trekking around on the grass, so opt for cute pumps, ballet flats or sandals to keep the spring in your step this season.
  3. Worried about looking costumey? Mix and match your favourites to create a unique, fashionable look. Circle skirts pair perfectly with plain white tank tops, halter tops look stunning with denim cut offs and sun dresses and leggings are a match made in heaven!

The fruit hat is totally optional.


Womenswear #2

Think you can’t look bad ass without your leather jacket? Got an emotional attachment to your skinny jeans? Not true! We’ve put together a collection of rad, Summer friendly options that’ll satisfy even the most ardent lover of year-round denim wearing! With mini skirts, crop tops and leggings proving to be super fashionable this season, there’s plenty of ways you can show the world your fashion stripes, whilst staying true to your personal style. Plus, we’ve got a massive range of carefully chosen alternative fashion for you to choose from, so regardless of your budget or size, you’re sure to find something you love!

Still not convinced that you’re gonna look fresh as heck this Summer? Check these tips out for size…

  1. Mix and match prints for a bold and eye catching look, perfect for making heads turn this season!
  2. Toughen up sweet and girly dresses with hi tops or biker boots to stamp your style on traditional Summer fashion.
  3.  Hate the pristine look of brand new tees? Wish you could speed up the wearing in process? Why not DIY yourself some vintage feel, distressed tees?
You too can look as fly as Brian!

You too can look as fly as Brian!


If you’re looking for steez with a more eclectic edge, then blogs and Tumblr pages such as Alternative Fashion, MASS, and Alternative-Style are a fantastic place to find inspiration and interact with a community of like minded individuals.


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Written By BlueBanana