Halloween T Shirts: Totally Terrifying Tees from Blue Banana

It’s officially October and people everywhere are getting into the festive “spirit”. At Blue Banana the excitement is palpable. We’ve just opened up our Halloween Store and we have plenty of Halloween apparel in our other sections too. So come on in, have a browse of our Halloween T Shirts and turn the scariest night of the year into the scariest season. If you’re looking for a grizzly design for your next tee then we’ve got exactly what you want. With so many options, it’s difficult to know where to start. Luckily this blog will help you find some of our spookiest Halloween T Shirts to enjoy throughout October and any other day of the year.

Costume Halloween T Shirts for the Big Night

Let’s start with the most important night for boys and ghouls around the world. Halloween is a night for fancy costumes. These Halloween T Shirts are a great addition to a themed costume. Firstly, the DC Comics Superman Emblem T Shirt is a simple and comfortable way to enjoy Halloween. Our favourite idea is to put this tee under a plain white shirt that you can either reveal just like Superman, or add some claw marks (for a Halloween vibe) to show off the logo.

If you want to bring back the world’s favourite villainess then how about adding the Suicide Squad Daddy’s Lil Monster Skinny T Shirt to your Harley Quinn costume. All you need to complete this look is some fishnet tights, denim shorts and this Paintglow Hair Streaks Kit. It’s a great costume that requires very little effort to create, making it the perfect costume idea for those who don’t want to spend hours on an outfit.

This Halloween you can create a Vampire costume with the best of modern and classic styles. The Spiral Direct Goth Wrap T Shirt is the Vampire equivalent of the tuxedo tee. So if you’re the party Vampire type then sink your fangs into this stylish top.

Ladies, Get a Ghoulish Themed Tee for Halloween

We don’t need an excuse to appreciate the ladies in our lives, but why not impress your “ghoulfriend”, family or any loved one with a Halloween T Shirt. We have some really special designs like the Vixxsin Bone Corset Skinny T Shirt that has a special skeleton and corset design that will look great during any day of the year, but will look especially spooktacular during the Halloween period.

If you love all things creepy and ominous then check out the Cosmic Nightmare Skinny T Shirt with its evil monster print that makes you feel uneasy by just looking at it. The hand drawn sketch style of this decal definitely makes it look like the subject of rumour about a terrifying forest creature that lies in wait for its prey.

Perhaps creepy isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but instead want some morbid humour in your T Shirts. Then the Cupcake Cult Dead Inside Off The Shoulder T Shirt is a great option for you. Show off your funny side with this spooky tee.

Don’t Be Seen Dead Without a Spiral Direct Tee

If you don’t already know, nothing shows off your love for all things deathly like Spiral Direct’s Halloween T Shirts. A great example is the Spiral Direct Game Over T Shirt. The Grim Reaper decal on the front and the “you lose” skull on the back definitely make this a great tee for the season. The Spiral Direct Reaper Bats T Shirt also has a similar dark design that is worth checking out.

Of course, let’s not forget that shortly after Halloween is Dia De Los Muertos. You can look the part for the Day of the Dead with a Spiral Direct Muertos Dias T Shirt. Once again the tee has a front and back design with the large hooded Angel of Death design. With skulls galore, it’s definitely the best look for a Day of the Dead party.

Everybody Scream for Nightmare Before Christmas T Shirts

Perhaps the best ritual during the Halloween period is to sit down with loved ones and watch Tim Burton’s iconic animated movie. Don’t lose your head, but you can wear a Nightmare Before Christmas tee so everyone can see how much you love this movie. The Nightmare Before Christmas Cracked Face Skinny T Shirt is a simple and easily recognizable print of Jack Skellington’s face.

Another great black and while look is the Nightmare Before Christmas Skinny Moon T Shirt that features the silhouette of Jack and Sally on the famous hill that has the Boogie Man’s face. This tee encapsulates all of the iconic images of the movie into one simple design. It’s the perfect Halloween T Shirt for anyone to wear while they’re out and about or sat indoors enjoying a scary movie.

You can also get your hands on the Nightmare Before Christmas Pose T Shirt which has a detailed Jack Skellington print on a charcoal t shirt. This Unisex T Shirt is a great fit for everyone so why not get one before someone else gets there first.

Custom Tees Perfect for Halloween

At Blue Banana we love to provide you with the crazy and imaginative designs from custom creators like these. The Nudefoodtees Zombie Pinup T Shirt has the clever “beauty and brains” lettering as well as an undead zombie lady. On the same theme, the Teesbox Zombies Eat Brains T Shirt with a teasing joke that will give your friends a good chuckle. Adding either of these to a Zombie costume is a great way of creating a Meta joke for your outfit.

So those are some of our Halloween T Shirts so why don’t you get searching through our T Shirt Section and find yourself the perfect T Shirt to wear during this October. While you’re searching, let us know if you spot any great Halloween T Shirts that we’ve missed out.

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Written By BlueBanana