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Whilst the only thing on your mind when going to a festival is probably the music, there’s plenty you need to know in order to fully enjoy the experience. Luckily, we’re here to help you out and make sure your time at a festival is the best of your life and not a suppressed memory you don’t want to talk about.

So, here are our super-secret festival survival tips, passed down to us by wise festival veterans and guaranteed to make your experience a lot more enjoyable!

The ‘Pincer’ Movement

Want to be within touching distance of your very favourite bands? Well, there’s a way, and it doesn’t require trying to force your way through a wall of angry drunk people or camping in front of the stage. It’s known as the ‘pincer’ movement and it’s the smart person’s way of getting to the front! head to the front from the sides, as demonstrated here in the pincer movementInstead of fighting through the crowds, move towards the front by making your away across the side of the crowd. With less people you’ll be able to move freely to the front and then slide your way across to a good spot. Now you’re at the front you can declare you want the babies of that band’s lead singer and he might even hear you!

Pee Bags & The Shewee

Inevitably, with all the drinking and excitement, there’ll come a time when nature calls and she won’t hang up until you answer. You don’t want to miss out on that awesome band though, do you? Well, come prepared ahead of time and bring along a designated ‘pee bag’ or a Shewee. Problem solved! It certainly beats going to the abominations that are toilets or peeing on the leg of an angry meathead.

Collect Litter For Cash

If you ever find yourself short of cash, before you pick up the phone to mum and dad or start busking, remember this cool little piece of advice. Many festivals will reimburse those that spend a little bit of their time collecting plastic cups and other waste, either with cold hard cash or even free drinks. Sure it might be a bit of a bummer having to spend your time at a festival essentially doing work, but the reward is well worth it if you blow your budget all in one day.

TrashCamp Well Away From The Bogs

For the love of all that is holy, you and your party should try your very best to camp as far away as humanely possible from the toilets! You might think you’ve found yourselves a sweet spot close to all the action or that you’re within a safe distance, but the wind is not your friend and it will carry ungodly stenches you never thought existed wafting towards your tent and killing the entire mood.

Leave Your Valuables At Home

Whilst there are a lot of people out to have a good time at festivals, there are also bad people out to ruin everyone’s day. Thieves are in their element during festivals with so many people distracted by alcohol and partying. It’s best to leave expensive smartphones, tablets or anything else with a hefty price tag at home, lest it get snapped up by opportunists rifling through your tents whilst you’re checking out your favourite band.

It might look fun, but those guys won't be laughing later!

Don’t Jump Into The Mud!

It might be really tempting, and look like the most fun of your life, but rolling around in the mud like a pig that’s died and gone to heaven just isn’t worth it. Once that mud dries it will go crusty and turn you into a freaky looking marsh monster or a cast member of Geordie Shore. With washing facilities not always at hand you’re going to be stuck looking this way for probably the whole weekend. Plus, there’s always the chance you’ll get your picture published online – tagged under the words “muddy idiot”.

Bring Spare Clothes

We might be starting to sound like your mum right now, but the value of extra clothes can’t be underestimated. When mud, rain, booze, and maybe even vomit threaten to destroy your perfectly chosen festival outfits, you need backup clothes that smell and look fresh. There’s no need to bring a whole wardrobe with you, but just something to spare yourself from walking around in soggy, smelly and filthy clothes.

Stock Up On Hangover Remedies

The worst part of a festival is waking up the morning after and wishing for death as sweet relief from the mother of all hangovers. You can avoid all that by stocking up on natural hangover cures such as juice with vitamin c, energy rich food and plenty of water. You can avoid the whole horrible ordeal though by drinking plenty of water, either in between each cider or before you decide to hit the hay.

So, now you’ve read our super not-so-secret tips to festival survival, you’ll probably go onto have the best time of your life this summer. But if you still feel a little unprepared, check out our other festival blogs for more tips, tricks and advice on what to buy to make your festival experience awesome!

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