Embrace The Mania With Fall Out Boy Merch


Last Friday saw the release of some great new music and perhaps the most noteworthy was Fall Out Boy’s latest album “Mania”. If you haven’t already made your way through the album, let us give you some of our favourite songs from the latest album and why we think you will want them on your 2018 soundtrack. We’ll also help you get ready for the next FOB music festival or concert with a whole range of Fall Out Boy Merch. We know that you’ll want to see these guys play live after listening to some of the big hits from their latest foray into their unique style of alternative rock music. 

Hold Me Tight or Don’t

You might have already heard this song as the music video has been on YouTube since November. That doesn’t mean this isn’t an occasion to relive the joy. We recommend listening to the whole album and seeing how the song order changes this song.

The Last of the Real Ones

This song has been around even longer than “Hold Me Tight or Don’t”. We really appreciate how the music video adds to the creepy nature of the lyrics. The level of obsession that FOB is trying to achieve in this song happens to be just enough that we get the message. Clearly fame has its downsides.

Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

Perfectly fitting to the Fall Out Boy style, the foot-tapping beat and general frivolity of the music provides a dark comedy for the lyrics. Anyone who loves Fall Out Boy knows that this is just how the band works and we love this bittersweet melody.


The title of this song is quite apt as Patrick’s voice is big and booming just like a preacher. This song reminds us of their 2007 song “Hum Hallelujah” which was just as powerful. The lyrics are a little repetitive at times, but that doesn’t make it any less catchy. In fact, you might find this stuck in your head for a while.


We hope you love to get your sweat on at the gym, because this song can’t be listened to without a strong urge to get up and do something. This song will be the go to anthem for anyone who wants to power through that intense work out session.

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Written By BlueBanana