Alternative Summer Clothing Guide

Summer is here — well, apparently anyway — and that’s awesome! But it’s not so awesome for everyone. Summer means feeling stuffy, getting your pale skin badly burnt and putting your stylish winter clothes into hibernation.

We know that summer can be a drag for those who aren’t comfortable embracing the sun, so we’ve created this handy summer fashion guide to make the British summertime more bearable!

We stock a great range of alternative summery clothing and accessories to maintain your look in the sunshine — without having to resort to all the bland high street trends!

Stay Cool And Fresh In A Dress

If there’s one thing we’re proud of here At Blue Banana, it’s our amazing range of alternative style dresses! A casual dress is perfect for wearing in warmer weather, especially those with a looser fit, and requires little else to be worn with it to make you stand out. There’s a great choice of dresses with unique styles to choose from — and each is designed by top fashion brands you can rely on.

If you love a bit of old school glamour, a vintage style dress with a floral pattern print might be up your street. Other designs such as birds, bows and polka dots also make great alternatives. Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen and Purplish are the brands to look out for these styles.

For those that like their style darker and edgier, don’t feel left out. There are plenty of dresses with a darker edge, courtesy of Jawbreaker, Kill Star and other brands. Crosses, skulls, occult symbols, roses and more are all part of our range of alternative dresses designs.

These dresses are great for all occasions, whether that’s a day at the beach, barbecue, prom night or just strutting your stuff any day of the week.

You don’t have to sacrifice what makes your individual look unique just because the sun is shining. You can go out and stay looking cool whilst also keeping cool. With our new “Dress To Fit” policy, you can guarantee you’ll find the perfect dress that suits you!

Brave It In Some Alternative Shorts

If you’re brave enough to get your pins out then a pair of shorts or hot pants might fit the bill. Too Fast and Banned provide punky alternative designs for ladies looking to keep cooler when the sun’s rays start to burn. They look great over tights, especially edgier ripped or fishnet styles, but also equally as good with bare legs.

Be An Alternative Beach Babe

If you’re not a fan of bikinis and boring sporty swimsuits, then fortunately you’ll be able to take a dip in the ocean or swimming pool in our range of alternative bathing suits. Banned provide a stunning variety of gothic and rockabilly swimming costumes with designs that include skulls, animal prints and other dark designs.

There’s also a fantastic range of other bodysuits from Insanity that make trips to the beach a little less daunting for those not thrilled about flashing their flesh. Be more of a beach babe this summer with alternative swimwear!

Don’t Forget Your Feet!

A majority of our footwear is good for wearing all year round, but if you want something a little less clunky, now’s the perfect time to rock some Blue Banana flat shoes and low top trainers. They’re cheap and come in a massive variety of styles, perfect for wearing as part of a summer outfit.

Alternatively you might want to stick to your boots – and there’s no problem there either! Dr Martens and hi tops trainers still look as cool as ever with shorts, skirts and shorter dresses. With a pair of tights you can create a standard outfit you’ll probably rock all summer long.

Lightly Accessorise For Extra Style

When it’s warm you don’t want to wear heavy metallic jewellery so much, so mix up your accessories collection to suit the sunny weather. Wooden, plastic or threaded bracelets are ideal, and allow you to assert your individuality cheaply and easily. In general, consider wearing anything that won’t be a cumbersome burden when the sun shines.

For a little protection from the sun, and stylishness as well, consider browsing Blue Banana’s huge range of snapback caps. Whether New Era or our very own, there’s a huge amount of styles to suit all tastes, including geeky, gothic or sporty. A cap can add a finishing touch to your look.

What About The Guys?

Men can enjoy great summer clothing too at Blue Banana, and there’s plenty to choose from when things get hot. There’s of course our comprehensive selection of t shirts, ranging from big bands and top brands like Famous Stars & Straps and Affliction. Don’t forget our awesome range of sleeveless tops and vests either. UCLA shorts are also great for days out or just chilling out with mates.

Summer is no longer a season to be feared at Blue Banana. We have a huge range of alternative clothing that means you can stay looking cool even when the weather turns hot. Subvert the stereotypes and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!

Written By BlueBanana