Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup | April 2014

Welcome once again to Blue Banana’s alternative fashion blog roundup. As you may already be aware, each and every month we highlight some of the most fascinating blogs and articles dedicated to the all the things we know our fans love, and this month we have even more must-read content to check out.

There’s a wide mixture of different topics covered this month, ranging from tattoos, freaky piercings, festivals and even a little bit of gothic fashion. Sounds pretty awesome, right? So let’s take a look at what April had in store for us alternative fashion fans!

10 Most Extreme Oral Piercings And Body Mods by Grace Morano at

We all love piercings here at Blue Banana, but sometimes the body mods people undergo even scare us! This fascinating post that captured our morbid curiosity on Oddee features ten of the most extreme oral piercings brave individuals have adopted. If you thought a snakebite was pretty hardcore, wait until you see some the piercings on offer here! Are these piercings cool though, are they just plain freaky? You decide!


10 Unmissable European Music Festivals for Summer 2014 at Cottages4You

Are you looking to go abroad for a festival this year? Well you should find plenty of inspiration in this post that highlights some of the best European music festivals on the continent. Ranging from rock and pop festivals, to metal gigs and even giant raves, there’s something for everyone here. There are even a few UK fests chucked in for those that don’t have their passports at the ready. So expand your horizons and book a ticket for Benicassim in Spain or Hellfest in France!

Deconstructing The Lolita Fashion by Susan Miyagi Hamaker at Japan Culture NYC

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about one of the most unique alternative fashion styles on the planet, then divert your attention to this fascinating post over on Japanese Culture NYC. It analyses the Japanese born Lolita style, which utilises frilly vintage clothing and has become a popular look not only with Japanophiles but also gothic subcultures. It’s really quite interesting to learn about this niche culture that’s still growing in popularity. So if you’re already a fan or are thinking “what the hell is lolita?”, then check out this post!

Hot Topic Has A New Maleficent Fashion Collection by Geek Girl Diva at Fashionably Geek

With the new Disney Maleficent movie starring Angeline Jolie as the iconic villain from Sleeping Beauty set to hit silver screens soon, Blue Banana’s American contemporaries have released a line of dark and mysterious clothing a modern day witch might wear. There’s a mixture of dark and glamorous dresses, tops, jackets and even a batwing pullover hoodie.

Fiato Tattoo

Combining a gothic and occult style, these new clothes provide great inspiration for creating a sexy witch look. Perhaps you could recreate the style for yourself with our selection of clothing from Jawbreaker, Kill Brand and Banned?

Realistic Tattoos by Italian Artist Fiato by Adriana de Barros at Illusion (Scene 360)

We know how much you guys love tattoo art, so here we present to you a post all about gorgeous tattoos! This blog on Illusion is all about the stunning artistic ink of Italian artist and tattooist Silvano Fiato. The artist made the transition from sketching  and painting to body art effortlessly. His work has an amazing realistic style and his tattoos look almost as if they’re were photo prints on skin. There’s a great collection of images of Fiato’s work to admire here, and I bet everyone will be wishing they could get such stunning art inked onto their body! Luckily you can, if you make a pilgrimage to visit his studio in Genova in Italy.

So, there you have it for another month. We’ve cringed at extreme piercings, admired artistic tattoos, learned about European festivals and even discovered just what it means to dress lolita. We hope you enjoyed reading all these awesome posts and we’ll see you again in a month’s time with even more awesome alternative fashion blogs!

Are you a talented and undiscovered alternative fashion blogger looking for more viewers? Drop us a link in the comments below and it might feature it in our monthly blog roundup for May!

Written By BlueBanana