Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing: A Guide To The Brand


Way back in 1963, leather craftsmen Sante Mazzarolo became inspired by the Italian mountain flower “Stella Alpina”, also known as the Alpine Star. The name, the design and prosperous connotations linked to this mountain flower would become the building blocks of a new and innovative project. Around the same time, a high speed action sport was also starting to blossom and the popularity of Motocross grew across European landscapes, just like the Stella Alpina itself.

Acknowledging the sport’s development and pondering over his already established technical talents, Sante Mazzarolo began designing a new type of footwear that would cater for these rapid riders. The footwear had to be robust and resistant, offering protection to riders as they took on demanding tracks at very high speeds. With the first Alpinestars boots produced, it was Motocross legend Roger DeCoster who gave Sante Mazzarolo and the Alpinestars brand an influential jump start.

Roger Decoster

Roger DeCoster was the first brand ambassador and sponsored athlete of the brand, paving the way for many more to follow and flourish under the Alpinestars team. It was DeCoster’s early involvement that ignited the brands adventure.

“The quality of the boots was obvious right from the beginning” – Roger DeCoster, Motocross World Champion.

Alpinestars retained their vision to produce innovative products that could help get the best out of riders. The brand looked to bring performance to new levels with a view to be the number one choice for riders. In the late 70s, Motocross sprouted out to other disciplines such as road racing, welcoming more opportunity for Alpinestars to succeed. The brand later dipped into Formula 1 as well.

Although the brand were developing products for thrill seekers and resistance features were top of the agenda, Sante Mazzarolo and his design team still wanted to produce Motorsports apparel which looked stylish and aesthetically appealing. The team aspired to balance the turbulent and rebellious nature of Motocross with a refined, sophisticated and tasteful 60s Italia image.

Alpinestars Capital Hoodie In Black

Alpinestars Capital Hoodie In Black

Years on and the Alpinestars legacy can definitely still be seen, whether the famous star logo is etched onto the shoulder of a successful rider or non-active people who simply love extreme sports culture flying the fashionable flag. This Motorsports brand continues to push that special blend of aesthetics and performance. The successful combination is apparent in a whole host of Alpinestars products, from Alpinestars gloves, helmets and protective armour for riders, to Alpinestars casual wear including t shirts, hoodies and fashionable tank tops for those who may not even ride but want to embrace the adrenaline junkie style.

With technology advancing so does Alpinestars safety components, with their Tech Air Race electronic airbag safety system currently being used in MotoGP and World Superbike championships.

The Stig

They also provide some of the world’s best auto racing suits with flame and heat retardant Nomex suits, footwear, gloves and underwear all being worn in Formula One and NASCAR by champions such as Michael Schumacher, Jimmie Johnson, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. People may also recognise the Alpinestars logo on ‘the Stig’ whilst he rips up the practice racetrack on popular television programme Top Gear.

Alpinestars desire to also produce fashionable items has seen them become a staple brand for followers of Motorsports and mountain biking. Alpinestars casual clothing offers bold, flash and striking designs helping fans to showcase their loyalty to super fast sports without having to get on a bike or stepping inside a car themselves.

This more fashionable appeal has to give thanks to its early roots in Italian artistry and designs. It’s staggering to think how one leather craftsmen and one mountain flower can intertwine into such an important brand for the safety and protection of athletes as well as trendy adventurous dressers.

Alpinestars Hawk T Shirt Grey

Alpinestars Hawk T Shirt Grey

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