5 More of the Sickest Tattoo Artists Around: Part 2

It’s finally time! We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the final instalment of our Sickest Tattoo Artists series (read first two posts here and here!), and luckily the wait is now over! So read on to discover some of the most incredible tattoo artists active today. And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover the perfect artist to ink you up!


Got to see these ones healed the other week on Daniela. Thanks! @salonserpenttattoo

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 You’ve gotta love Angelique Houtkamp‘s tattoo work! Her art style can be described as cutesy yet creepy, making it a perfect fit for tattoos! She’s produced tattoos of everything from cats to mermaids and hot air balloons to whiskered faces! It’s definitely worth taking a browse through her work if you enjoy things that are a bit weird and kooky. If you think that Angelique is the tattoo artist for you, then you’ll have to make your way to Amsterdam to visit Salon Serpent!


Daaaang! If anyone ever tells you that tattoos aren’t real art, then please direct them to Bugs. He definitely has a unique style, standing out from other tattoo artists with his bold and sketchy designs. Whether he’s drawing a shark, a guitar or a penguin in a top hat (!), his abstract Picasso-esque style helps his work look incredibly unique. If you’re looking for a tattoo artist who’s truly unlike any other, you need to check out Bugs!


 Here’s a fantastic tattoo artist you won’t have to travel far for… Based in Cambridgeshire, Nick Baxter is one of our favourite UK tattoo artists, producing some incredibly realistic looking pieces. He’s an artist that has mastered a range of styles, meaning that he’s able to produce everything from a super detailed dragon to a cute watercolour style robin! A true jack of all tattoo trades, it’s hard not to love Nick Baxter.


Close up heron

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 Wow, wow, wow! If Nickole Lowe‘s tattoo work doesn’t knock you off your feet, nothing will! Specialising in a traditional style inspired by Japanese art, each of her tattoos filled with an incredible amount of detail. Her full back tattoos are particularly impressive, placing what many people would hang up on their walls on someone’s body. Her tattoo work proves what an incredible canvas the body can be for art. It’s definitely worth making the trip to Good Times Tattoo in London!


 Angel Rose‘s tattoo work can only be described as INCREDIBLE. All her tattoos have an incredibly polished look to them, featuring artwork that’s just bursting with detail. She specialises in gothic style work, having tattooed skulls, roses and a number of detailed patterns. If you’re interested getting more involved in Body Mod culture, we can’t recommend Angel Rose enough. You can find her at Divine Canvas in London.


So there you have it! It’s been a difficult job narrowing down this list to only five artists, but we think these guys are the cream of the crop! Have we inspired you to get a new tatt? Then let us know! You can either comment below or reach us at one of the usual Social Media places: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or if you’ve already got an awesome tattoo that you’d love to show off, use the hashtag #bbbesttatts! We’d love to see!

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