2020 Band Merch + New Alternative Fashion

If you're sick of this dull and dreary Winter and are looking towards the summer when you can enjoy the weather and prepare for your epic music-filled festivals, you've come to the right place. The last few weeks at Blue Banana have been filled with selecting, updating and showing off our new 2020 band merchandise collection. This year's line ups from Download and Bloodstock are already starting to be announced and we couldn't be more excited!

In Blue Banana true fashion, we've continued updating our store with dresses and alt clothing ready to inspire your Spring styles as well as the latest premium footwear fashion that is sure to scratch that punk vibe itch. So keep reading and check out some of these limited epic wardrobe additions below.

The New 2020 Band Merch Range

If we were to tell you that we were slightly excited at My Chemical Romance coming back for a reunion tour, it would be an understatement. It is a HUGE deal and we cannot wait for the Welcome Back to the Black Parade. Because of this excitement we've decided to get in all the latest Official MCR merch.

If you've got a few old tees tucked in the back of the wardrobe that's fine, but maybe you fancy something new and revamped to rekindle the long lost love for this epic band? Or perhaps you missed out on picking up some merch from the band during their 2013 farewell tour, regardless we're sure you'll be Okay with Blue Banana's latest additions of My Chemical Romance T Shirts and MCR Hoodies.

50. Dresses & New Alternative Summer Clothing

Don't get down about poor weather, occupy your time by planning for all your summer activities, and if you're after new alternative summer clothing ready for your wardrobe, check out what's just landed at Blue Banana

In case you missed it, 202. vintage fashion is all about bold and vibrant motifs. From classic floral to oriental dragons this year you can really make your alternative look stand out and be unique among the rest. Whether you're after a shirt, skirt or perhaps a colourful 50. dress you'll be pleased to know that this year's vintage patterns are all available in a variety of types to suit your requirements.  Check out some of the ranges below:

Are you loving the vintage vibes but are in need of the latest gothic clothing? Check out the latest range of garments from Banned featuring new mesh finishes and crazy Cat motifs.

New Rock Vegan Construction Boots


If you're looking to reduce your ethical footprint and need a pair of durable boots that offer high-end fashion, be sure to take a look at our Vegan New Rock range. New Rock footwear is known for their durability and iconic style, but did you also know that their vegan friendly shoe range is made up completely of cruelty-free boots. Not only are all Vegan New Rock boots made from their eco-vegan microfibre, this range is also one of a few Peta-Approved Vegan footwear ranges. Fancy a pair of iconic and ethical boots for your alternative look? Check out the New Rock Vegan range here

New Hype Backpacks Range

If you're ready to accessorise your look to the max or just get your vibrant fashion out there on your daily commute, a Just Hype backpack will be your ultimate choice. For the ultimate fashion statement be sure to check out the new Hype Unicorn Camo Backpack in pink or why not make it edgy with the eye-catching Hype Lightening Backpack!

Written By Oliver Jenkins

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