HOW TO DYE: A Step By Step Guide

Watch the official 'How To' video on how to dye your hair with Manic Panic!

Guarda Il Video Ufficiale Su Come Colorare I Capelli Con Manic Panic!


Guarda il video ufficiale su "Come Colorare I Capelli” con Manic Panic e scopri come avere il look che Trish e Snooky portano dal ‘77!

La colorazione semipermanente per capelli Manic Panic non contiene prodotti testati sugli animali, e molti di questi ingredienti sono vegani. Per ottenere la tonalità più vicina a quella che vedi mostrata, ti consigliamo di schiarire prima i tuoi capelli se hai i capelli marrone naturale, rossi o bruni. I biondi naturali avranno i risultati di colore più simili, grazie alla base di colore più chiara. Se hai i capelli scuri e non vuoi schiarirli, ti consigliamo di scegliere delle colorazioni più scure e pigmentate, come rosso, viola o il verde, per avere un colore più scuro e più ricco.

Dovresti sempre fare un test di prova qualche giorno prima decolorare i capelli, per scoprire i tempi di posa e vedere in che modo il colore finale risulterà sui tuoi capelli.

I Colori Per Capelli Manic Panic Sono Testati Sulle Celebrities, Non Sugli Animali!

Ma le tinture non fanno male? ci sentiamo chiedere. Manic Panic ha una formulazione delicata, che ammorbidisce, idrata e riempie i capelli, donandoti il massimo del colore con il minimo dei danni e dei problemi.

Dovresti sempre seguire le linee guida indicate sulla confezione di Manic Panic. Non aggiungere acqua ossigenata o altre colorazioni permanenti alla tua colorazione.
Le colorazioni Manic Panic possono causare delle macchie temporanee sulla pelle, e possono macchiare in modo permanente di tessuti (Asciugamani, Biancheria Abiti ecc.) perciò ti consigliamo di usare biancheria vecchia durante il processo di colorazione.

Non usare prodotti a base alcalina sui capelli colorati, perché possono alterare l'equilibrio del pH che è necessario per ottenere la massima ritenzione e il massimo assorbimento del colore. I prodotti senza alcol che hanno ingredienti con un pH leggermente acido permetteranno al colore sui capelli di restare vivo più a lungo.
Nota Bene:
  • Manic Panic non è adatto per le ciglia o le sopracciglia. In caso di contatto con gli occhi, risciacqua la tutta la zona e consulta il medico.
  • Per il per i risultati migliori e più luminosi, usalo su capelli schiariti in precedenza. I risultati possono variare se il colorante per capelli Manic Panic e applicato su capelli più scuri e non trattati.
  • Il colore finale dipende dalla porosità, dalla consistenza dei tuoi capelli, dal colore base e dal tempo di posa che permette al colore di svilupparsi.
  • Questo prodotto non va ingerito né è per uso interno. Mantieni la colorazione lontano dalla portata dei bambini piccoli.



Before applying Manic Panic Hair Colour, you MUST perform a patch test. This is an essential step to test for allergic reactions.
  • Choose a small area of skin roughly the size of a penny for the test, preferably somewhere discreet such as behind the ear or in the inner fold of your elbow.
  • Wash the test area with water and soap, then dab dry with a clean towel.
  • Place a thin coating of your chosen Manic Panic Hair Dye upon the test area.
  • Allow the dye to dry and leave it undisturbed and uncovered for 24 hours
  • Examine the test area for any signs of irritation. If there is a negative reaction, then the product should not be used by that person under any circumstances.
  • Perform a quick stand test to ensure you get the desired resultant colour. Apply a small amount of colour to a discreet section of hair (Such as an 'under section' from the back of your head) before applying the colour all over.
  • So that your hair colour turns out as bright as it appears in the jar or on the colour swatch, it’ll be necessary to pre-lighten your hair. If you’re going for light or pastel shades, this is essential! We recommend using Manic Panic Flashlightning Complete Bleach Kit. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure to wash and rinse out all bleach residue with shampoo, as this can prevent hair dye from processing correctly!
  • Ensure your hair is squeaky clean before using Manic Panic Hair Colour by washing with a deep cleansing shampoo. Do not use conditioner, as these will prevent the dye form taking to the hair and nobody wants a patchy dye job! Make sure your hair is thoroughly dried too, as damp hair will not absorb colour as effectively.
  • Make sure you wear protective gloves when you're applying any form of hair colourant, including lightener. This enables you to protect your skin and helps to avoid staining your hands. For a clean and neat finish, apply baby lotion or petroleum jelly around your hairline and over your ears. This will help to avoid any errant drops of colour from staining your face!


Empty the required amount of Manic Panic Hair Colour into a plastic bowl (Approximately half a jar for short hair, a full jar for longer locks. If you have thick or especially porous hair, we'd advise you to pick up an extra tub, in case you need it midway through dyeing!).

Using a tint brush, begin to apply the hair colour, starting around half an inch down from the scalp and working it evenly through, all the way down to the ends. Then, from the nape of the neck where the hairline begins, work upwards through the hair. Make sure all of your hair is saturated with colour.

Once the hair is frothy, this indicates that the dye has been thoroughly absorbed. Lighter shades of Manic Panic Colour may need extra combing to achieve maximum penetration and longer lasting colour.

Leave the dye on for at least 30 minutes or longer to process. At room temperature, 30 minutes is the average time for Manic Panic Hair Dye to process. Infra-red heat lamps can reduce processing time by about 5 to 7 minutes and can help towards deeper colouration. For resistant hair it’s advised you cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave for an hour or longer to process.


No after-treatments are required with Manic Panic Hair Colour products.


Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colour is made from vegan friendly ingredients and uses no animal by-products. This dye works best on hair that has been pre-lightened, as bleaching increases hair porosity. Results may vary in accordance to the condition of your hair.

Manic Panic hair dye contains no harmful chemicals and acts as a conditioning colour, hydrating and treating the hair. Please bear in mind that shampoo, extensive exposure to sunlight, swimming and hair spray can all cause hair colour to prematurely fade, so it’s recommended you wash hair in cool water to avoid this.

Want to know an old school trick to help prolong colour and vibrancy? Simply rinse hair with a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts immediately after colouring. Comb through and allow to sit for up to two minutes, and then rinse out thoroughly with cool water. This raises the pH level of the hair, leading to greater colour permanence.

For 30% longer lasting hair colour, check out the Manic Panic Amplified range!


Sometimes, you've just got to get the colour out of your hair. Whether you're removing it for school, work or to use a very different shade, here are a few helpful hints on how to wash that hue right out of your hair!
  • Pre-packaged hot oil treatments may be used to speed up hair colour removal. Follow instructions on the packaging when using and apply shampoo without water. Add water gradually, washing and rinsing until all the oil is removed.
  • When using non Manic Panic lightening and colour removal products, consult the manufacturers for guidance on use, or contact a professional hair stylist.
For more information about using Manic Panic products, please visit our How To, FAQs and our Hair Colour In Action section.
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HOW TO DYE: A Step By Step Guide