If you've been looking for a way to finish off your Halloween costume with an accessory to add extra life and detail into your look, you have to try a pair of best Halloween contacts. Here at Blue Banana we have an absolutely massive range that can prepare you for almost any fancy dress look for October 31st, but we understand picking the perfect pair may be a little difficult; so let us talk you through our fantastic styles and epic Multibuy Offers!

Costume Contact Lenses For Halloween

We're sure you've seen a few costume contact lenses over the years in various shades of white, red and black. There are always the few classic block styles that are perfect for recreating your zombie costume or vampire look with extra depth, but we're here to show you all the other styles that are available which may help you stand out from everyone else. 

At Blue Banana we're all about the alternative, which is why we have a few extra hard to find styles which you may find useful. As we mentioned previously, block cheap coloured contact lenses are a great way to breathe some life into a character, but if you really want to show off your Halloween costume you need to take it a little further. On our website you'll be able to shop through Blue Banana's finest range of Ultra Violet Contact Lenses that will offer a deep glow under a black light. See some of these awesome styles below: 

Halloween Contact Lenses Sclera

Another great option to try are our range of mini sclera contact lenses. Although we only have a couple styles to try, these Halloween contact lenses online are a great way to bring impact into your costume! See these styles below and take advantage of the 2 for £2. multibuy offer!

Another one of our favourite styles of Halloween contacts non prescription is our blind range. This style of contact lens is great for all manner of costumes including demons, vampires and zombies. The full eye design is the ultimate lens if you're looking for the best scary cosmetic experience, however be aware that this style of lenses can greatly obscure your vision due to their design. We recommend only wearing this type of lenses briefly or for a photo shoot! See some of the styles below:

Animal Contact Lenses Special Effects

Zombie and Vampire fancy dress isn't for everyone for Halloween, but that doesn't mean you'll be left out. There are so many styles to consider for your next look included in our Halloween coloured contacts section. If you're planning on dressing as a cute cat or demonic dragon there will be a wide variety of our animal contact lenses that can fit perfectly with your outfit. Most these styles come in both daily and 9. day varieties, so if you want you can grab a pair of non-prescription halloween contact lenses that you van wear to multiple parties! See the animal contact lenses here and some of our favourite styles below! 

Be sure to prepare for the occasion with our Contact Lens Accessories & Solution!

Don't forget to see the whole Blue Banana Halloween Shop! You'll find everything you need to finish off your party or costume.