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Body Piercing Jewellery

For body jewellery and body piercing, Blue Banana is one of the biggest names in the UK. We perform the most body piercings in the whole of the country every single day and also offer an expansive range of jewellery online so you guys can get the best look for everyday wear. With such a huge range of styles and materials to choose from, you can get titanium body jewellery for a healing piercing or something more outrageous and impressive to really show off your body mod to its best. Choose between our selection of tapers, BCR’s, barbells and nose studs, plus many other styles of jewellery for whatever body piercings you have and you can also check out our stores and prices for your next piercing fix!

We Love All Piercings And Have Body Jewellery For You!

Because we love body piercing of all shapes and sizes (from surface piercings to facial, oral and ear stretching), our range of body jewellery is equally equipped for all the accessories you might desire. Our brand new range of ear stretching jewellery, including plugs, tunnels and tapers that will amaze you with their outrageous design is just the thing for you gauge kings and queens and is certainly the next big thing in body modification. We also stock colourful and adaptable jewellery for a whole range of other body piercings so you can get nose studs, BCR’s and barbells that are guaranteed to draw attention. Plus our body jewellery comes with super cheap delivery, so it costs even less to fall in love with a new navel bar or BCR.

Helpful Info And Advice On Body Piercing As Well As Jewellery

Get body jewellery for less through us, which is ideal if you want to choreograph a plethora of different piercings or if you want to experiment with a new and different style. You can find our ranges of piercing accessories just as you would in our stores, plus a whole selection of designs that are exclusively available online! Choose your ideal navel bars or tapers for everyday wear or change up in a moment to something more extravagant and eye catching. Body modifications are there to be seen so we promote the best looking and most eye catching of all the designs we see. Alternatively, we also stock subtle and understated body jewellery, including retainers that can make your body mod almost invisible in some cases! Blue Banana has the body jewellery and body piercing expertise to offer you the best choice around so check out our range today!

Body Piercing Jewellery Range: