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Genital Piercing Jewellery


If you are thinking about getting a genital piercing, there are plenty of things to consider from the more serious health considerations to the fun of selecting the type of genital piercing you would like.   

  • Male Genital Piercings: There are several placements for male genital piercings around the head of the penis, the most common being the Prince Albert, but piercings can also be placed on the pubic bone and lower on the shaft of the penis. If you are circumcised this may affect your options but with so many to choose from you are sure to find something to suit you.  
  • Female Genital Piercings: There are many placements for a female genital piercing. Some are designed to increase pleasure or sensitivity while others are simply there for decoration. Intimate piercings can be placed on the inner and outer labia, clitoral hood, and many other placements. Female genitals come in an array of shapes so your anatomy may determine which piercings your body can accommodate. 

 If you are planning on getting a genital piercing make sure you are ready to commit to a strict aftercare routine. You will need to clean your piercing twice a day using a saltwater solution or Tea Tree Oil on a cotton wool swab. For some piercing placements, it is possible to fully submerge the piercing in a glass or bowl for cleaning. 

During initial healing, you will need to refrain for sexual activity to allow your piercing to heal, as any movement of the piercing can result in the wound re-opening. Sexual activity can also cause bacteria from the other person to transfer into your open piercing wound and cause an infection. Even if you are with the same partner throughout healing, it is important to use a barrier such as a condom to ensure that your piercing can heal successfully. You will also need to take great care when shaving and may wish to refrain from this until the piercing has had a chance to heal. 

Once your piercing has fully healed, you will be able to swap your piercing jewellery to a different design or colour. It is always important to make sure you choose high quality jewellery, especially for piercings in intimate places. Make sure to only use internally threaded jewellery as this is easiest to clean and least likely to trap fluids. Keeping the area clean and dry is important during and after healing your piercing genital