Lip piercings are a type of oral piercing located on or around the lips. These piercing usually use either a labret, but can be changed to BCR's and rings once healing is complete. These piercings range from singular labrets two dual piercings referred to as 'bites'.
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Lip Piercing Jewellery

Lip Piercing Procedure
Lip piercings are usually pierced using a labret bar with the exception of the Jestrum and Vertical Labret which require a curved barbell. Some types of lip piercing can be changed to rings and BCRs once they have fully healed.

Please ensure that you have checked the lip piercing age restriction before coming to store. It can help to avoid any undue disappointment. In a Blue Banana studio, lippiercing age restrictions vary. 

Once you’re all booked in, you will have some forms to fill out. A member of Blue Banana staff will walk you through the steps and can help you pick out jewellery. Then you can meet the piercer! They too will give you a quick consultation and briefing before discussing the auricle piercing location.

Unlike other types of piercing, lip piercings need two types of aftercare to ensure that the jewellery on the inside of the mouth and outside of the lip are kept clean so make sure you are ready to commit to a strict aftercare regime before deciding on your lip piercing. For the inside of the mouth, you will need to swill saltwater solution and ensure the area around the piercing is kept free from food debris. Clean the outside of the piercing by gently bathing it with saltwater on cotton wool twice a day. For more detailed lip piercing aftercare instructions, see each type of lip piercing.

Lip piercings have many different placements and some placements can be combined to create other lip piercings. For example, if you combine a Medusa and Labret lip piercing, you get Cyber Bites.

Depending on the lip piercing locations you’ve chosen, the price may vary due to the intricacy of the area or the number of piercings required. Typically our lip piercing cost is £35-£40. 
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