Areas of the ear including cartilage and lobe.
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Ear piercings come in many different varieties, with an array of styles to suit your unique look. The most common of ear piercing types is considered to be lobe piercing due to the relatively low pain as well as the versatile style that accommodates a wide variety of jewellery types. 

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Ear Piercing Jewellery

Ear Piercing Procedure
The ear lobe piercing is often referred to as the perfect starter piercing before continuing with other ear piercing.    

Please ensure that you have checked the ear piercing age restriction before coming to store. It can help to avoid any undue disappointment. In a Blue Banana studio, ear piercing age restrictions vary.

Once you’re all booked in, you will have some forms to fill out. A member of Blue Banana staff will walk you through the steps and can help you pick out jewellery. Then you can meet the piercer! They too will give you a quick consultation and briefing before discussing the auricle piercing location.

A popular question for people looking to choose an ear piercing type is whether we use a needle or ear piercing gun. Depending on the type of piercing required, our store staff may use a Stud Ex piercing system. The Stud Ex Ear Piercing Kit in our stores has been specifically designed for piercing through cartilage, such as piercings located around the ear. This system can create cartilage piercings without shattering or damaging surrounding cartilage while providing a more precise piercing. 

Depending on the ear piercing locations you’ve chosen, the price may vary due to the intricacy of the area or the number of piercings required. Typically our ear piercing cost is £30-£35. 
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Please Note: Blue Banana piercing information is based on knowledge from our experiences as the one of the UK's top piercing studios. All details provided should be read alongside professional advice. Please see our full Piercing Articles Disclaimer, here.