Inner Ear
Pierced With: Curved Barbell or Daith Heart. Once Healed: Barbells, Rings, Daith Heart
Temps de Guérison:
3-9 Months
Age Limit:
16 (with ID) 13 Parental Consent
£35.00 - £40.00
Échelle de douleur:
Daith piercings are a hugely popular choice of ear piercing found nestled inside the inner fold of your ear. Find out even more about this cartilage piercing by clicking the link below.
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Daith Piercing Jewellery

Daith Piercing Procedure
Wondering where to get your daith pierced? Use our store locator to find your local Blue Banana studio. You don’t need to book an appointment; you can simply show up to be pierced on the day. 
Please ensure you have checked the age restrictions associated with a daith piercing. In a Blue Banana studio, the daith piercing age restriction is 16 (ID may be required) or 13 with parental consent from a parent or guardian who is present.

Once you’ve met your piercer, they will give you a quick consultation and briefing on your new daith piercing. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a daith piercing, as you must have well developed cartilage in order to achieve a piercing with adequate depth – this will be checked by your piercer.

The procedure itself involves a curved needle that the piercer will use to pierce through the daith ear cartilage. The piercing placement can be difficult to line up due to the almost internal placement. Make sure you are happy with the daith jewellery placement before you begin the procedure!
Daith Piercing Aftercare
Healing time can usually range from around 3-9 months. This, of course, differs from person to person and is dependent on how well you care for your piercing.

A key part of initial daith piercing care includes the avoidance of unnecessary knocking or pressure. This could include considering factors such as tying back longer hair, avoiding tight headwear and not wearing earphones or ear buds with a new daith piercing.  Contact with cosmetics and hair products may irritate a fresh daith piercing, so we recommend avoiding these where possible.

When it comes to cleaning a daith piercing, it’s important to maintain good standards of hygiene and a stringent aftercare routine. Cleaning the piercing twice a day using a salt water solution (or Tea Tree Oil) and cotton balls will help to keep the area clean and free from fluid build up.

Maintaining general hygiene around the ear (such as removing ear wax) is essential while your new daith piercing is healing. If you properly look after and clean your piercing it may speed up the process.

Make sure to check out our full Aftercare Guides as well as side effects to look out for.
Daith Piercing Jewellery
It’s pretty easy to get your hands on some awesome daith jewellery from Blue Banana. We have many types of daith body jewellery available including the following popular picks.
  • Daith Heart Piercing Jewellery
  • Daith Piercing Barbells
  • Daith Ring Ear Jewellery
A very popular type of jewellery is a daith heart, mainly due to its cute look and overall snug fit. We’ve got a variety of sizes, materials and colours available to help decorate your daith piercing in a variety of different ways. Here are a few considerations when picking our daith jewellery:
  • Size – everyone’s ears are different sizes, so make sure to pick daith jewellery that sits just right in your ear. Something too wide in diameter may not give such a snug fit. 
  • Material – piercing materials differ not only through their look but also how they could react to your skin. Some materials such as titanium are more suited to those who may suffer from allergic reaction skin irritations. 
If you’re considering a new daith piercing, then it may be best to seek advice when it comes to picking the right size of piercing jewellery. When searching for a piece of jewellery make sure you know your measurements.  We display the piercing jewellery measurements as Gauge first (displayed in millimetres) then Diameter/Length, e.g. 1.2mm x 8mm. 
  • Gauge – this is the thickness of the jewellery itself. 
  • Diameter – the width across the widest point of the jewellery for hoops and rings. 
We generally recommend that for new piercings you choose jewellery with a wider diameter or length. This can allow for extra room in case of any swelling. Make sure to check out the tips from our piercing guides for information about changing and removing piercing jewellery
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Please Note: Blue Banana piercing information is based on knowledge from our experiences as one of the UK's top piercing studios. All details provided should be read alongside professional advice. Please see our full Piercing Articles Disclaimer, here.