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Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn)
Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn) Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn) Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn) Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn) Tri Tone 1 Day Coloured Contact Lenses (Violet Dawn)
Caractéristiques Principales Du Produit
Boutique de Confiance
Boutique de Confiance
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Gorgeous Natural Effects
Gorgeous Natural Effects
Enhance or change your eye colour with these contacts designed to replicate the look of a natural iris. Unlock a whole new you!
CE Marked Product
CE Marked Product
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Sterile Packaging Guarantee
Sterile Packaging Guarantee
Packaged in sterile, buffered and isotonic saline solution these contacts will be stored securely away from bacteria.
Approuvé par la FDA
Approuvé par la FDA
Ce produit a passé avec succès le processus de sélection en trois étapes de la FDA, et il est donc totalement certifié FDA. Cela garantit la sécurité, l'efficacité, la qualité et la sécurité de ce produit.
Description Du Produit
  • Colour: Violet Dawn
  • Style: Tri Tone
  • Coverage: Covers Iris & Pupil
  • Duration: 1 Day (1 Pair)
  • Diameter: 14.2
  • Base Curve: 8.6
  • Made From: Hiofilcon A (42%) / Water Immersed In Buffered Saline (58%)

The Tri Tone Violet Dawn Contact Lenses are available in a single-use daily duration. These natural contact lenses feature a detailed iris design with light colour flecks in the centre and a gorgeous purple eye colour.

This unusual colour is perfect for cosplay and anime but is also a fun way to completely change your everyday look. The combination of a natural design and the purple contact lenses means that they are perfect for a daily look.

These Tri Tone Purple Contact Lenses are made from a soft and breathable material that provides long-lasting comfort for daily use. These single-use contact lenses can be worn once and then thrown away.

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