Womens Gothic Clothing Ideas For Your New Rock Boots

Do you love gothic fashion? Have you heard about the latest promotion going down on our website? Currently we're offering up to 40% Off New Rock Boots until 08/06/18 so you can pick up a fantastic new pair of iconic shoes for a whole lot less. But if you've managed to save big and pick up a pair of these boots there's only one thing left to do; start planning some incredible womens gothic clothing ideas and get the finest alternative look this summer.

As you're aware, the Blue Banana website has absolutely everything in order to make your ultimate alternative look happen. From chokers to tops and even some of the hottest alternative dresses in goth fashion to date. We update our ranges all the time, but doing so may mean that of the items in our gothic fashion store may slip under your radar; and with that in mind, we're here to update you with some of the best new items for you to show off with your New Rock Boots.

The Best Gothic Fashion Store

With this weeks promo we're adamant you won't want to miss all of the New Rock boots we have to offer. Whether you've already picked up a pair of these fantastic shoes, or you're still deciding on your perfect pair; let us show you some of our favourite styles so you can reinvent your look. Within our range of nearly 20. New Rock shoes we have a load of different styles which can fit almost any alternative fashion statement you choose to recreate. From high heels, cowboy boots, formal shoes and even some of the iconic flame reactor boots; we have them all.

Within our range of boots, you'll find that every pair is made with some of the most premium manufacturing process available and as such are custom made, for you. This does mean however that some wait times for your boots can be up to 4. days, but it's good to know that these boots were made for YOU. IF you need a pair a little quicker though, we totally understand! See our list of urgent order New Rock's here or see some of our favourite picks from this soon to end sale below.

Update Your Goth Inspired Fashion

Now that you're well versed with why you must have a pair of New Rocks to finish off your gothic look, lets get into some of the rest of the gothic fashion style that we have to offer. Let's be honest, if you're looking for something that really screams womens gothic clothing then there's nothing better than something black; but that doesn't mean it needs to be plain. On our website we've made sure to bring you a host of gothic garments for your wardrobe that can clearly show off your gothic style while also giving you designs to fall in love with. From grungy skulls to fabulous occult prints, the gothic clothing section for women has a range of clothes we're sure you won't want to miss! 

Must Have Gothic Style Fashion Dresses

Now that we've shown you how your gothic wardrobe is lacking a decent alternative top, let's move on to the most important type of fashion clothing for the summer weather; a new dress from our goth shop online. If you're planning on flaunting your best black clothing this summer (as all goths should) then we highly recommend a fancy new frock. Luckily on the Blue Banana website we have quite a few new treats for you to add to your ever growing gothic collection. 

If you're looking for a skater dress or mini, or even unsure of what style to go for, Blue Banana is the best place to buy. Not only do we have a substantial range of new gothic inspired clothing dresses, we are also offering Free UK Delivery & Returns on all of our dresses! So shop to your hearts content, try out all of the dresses that take your fancy and keep the ones that best suit your gothic fashion style

See the whole gothic dresses section here and have a look below for some of our new favourites to arrive!

So there it is! Some of our best gothic fashion ideas for you to show off with your New Rock Boots. If you are here specifically for mens gothic fashion, don't forget to visit our section here!  Otherwise show us your best gothic fashion combinations on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Written By Oliver Jenkins

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