Your Guide To Winter Alternative Fashion For 2019

With the cold weather gradually setting in it's time to ask yourself the important question of what alternative look you're going to create this winter. Depending on your style you may opt for a range of vibrant colours or perhaps even keep it classic with your favourite shade of black. But if you're not quite convinced on what style of outfit you're going to adopt over the next few months, let us tell you all about our Winter Alternative Fashion for 2019. 


If you've shopped with us before you'll be well aware of the epic alternative clothing we stock. Whether your alternative fashion is all about the grunge and gothic vibes or you're particularly interested in taking things back in time with a vintage inspired wardrobe; Blue Banana can make it happen. As such, we've been working hard to bring you the best alternative clothing ready for the winter months. Whether you're looking for a some fancy footwear or classic clothing, keep reading to find out more. 

Winter Alternative Clothing Ideas For 2019

If you've come looking to totally recreate your winter look and have an open mind, why not come on a journey with us while we give you head-to-toe inspiration for a winter hair dye styled look!

Winter Hair Dye Ideas

If you're in the mood to really change your look this winter, why not start with a fresh new hair colour? Our wicked hair dye store is full of some of the best and colourful hair dye brands available including Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Paintglow & more. When it comes to winter styles we understand that not everyone has the same idea, that's why we say match your own vibe and get creative! If you're looking for a truly alternative look then almost any vibrant hair colour will do, and if you're looking for bright hair dye shades; Blue Banana has it covered. Check out some of our recommendations below:

Have you chosen your next hair colour, or are you finding it hard to choose only one? If you're buying 2 or more selected hair dyes then you'll automatically qualify for our multi buy madness offer. Click here to shop all hair dye!

Winter Vintage & Punk Rock Fashion

For the latest fashion from the top alternative brands you've come to the right place. The new vintage and winter gothic clothing range has arrived with gorgeous dresses and retro skirts to fit almost any alternative look. If you ask us, this year is all about plaid! Our latest stock features dresses and skirts from brands such as Hell Bunny, Jawbreaker and Voodoo Vixen. With new colour palettes these ranges make even your classic red plaid clothing look obsolete. 

Does your style edge onto more of the Gothic side? If you're in need of some dress ideas from our new Gothic winter clothing range, check out these classic black styles and others with unique occult motifs.

Alternative Winter Coats & Jackets

If you're already finding it difficult to brave the winter chill, make sure you prepare and find yourself an alternative coat or jacket! Whether you're looking to maintain your Gothic grooming through every season of the year or looking forward to embracing your retro fashion one more time, be sure to check out what this year's Winter Jackets & Coats from Blue Banana has in store. For the ultimate vintage winter clothing we recommend looking at the wonderful coats and jackets from Hell Bunny & Voodoo Vixen. Check out our Coats & Jackets section to see all the latest styles.

The Ultimate Gothic Winter Boots Collection

Getting your winter boots right can be a difficult feet, and if you're looking for a pair of Goth shoes that offers practicality and style, it can often be difficult. At Blue Banana however, we stock one of the biggest alternative footwear ranges available. No matter the style, colour or unique alternative design you want to try next we've got the perfect for pair ready and waiting on our online store!

In order to make 201. a year to remember, we're introducing a new brand onto our store: Lamoda. For the ultimate Bo$$ Babes these alternative shoes feature bold gothic designs with a drop dead heel which is sure to make you the talk of the town. If you're ready to upgrade your creepy collection, for an unapologetic, bold and Gothic style; these bad ass shoes are the ones for you.

Liking what you see? Are you looking for the best alternative shoe brands? If so, be sure to browse through our collections on Dr Martens & New Rock Boots. Not only are their hundreds of styles to choose from, but you can create the ultimate looks with iridescent rainbow, vegan leather and faux snake skin styled boots. Not edgy enough for you? Say no more. Take a browse of the full section here to get these comfortable goth shoes with their bold rivets and iconic heel finishes.  

We bet you've heard it a thousands times by now but believe us when we say "Winter Is Coming"! Remember to keep checking back and start thinking about what's going to make up your Winter wardrobe. We're always updating our stock with the latest and lines and have regular promotions, so there's always opportunities to get your look right! Get shopping here!

Written By Oliver Jenkins

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