Unbelievable 15% Off All Dresses

If you’ve been eyeing up a new dress then now is the time to get it – we’ve got 15% off all our alternative dresses for one weekend only.  Now you might be wondering, what’s the catch?  It’s simple – there isn’t one!  We like to reward our customers here at Blue Banana and this is just one way we like to show it.  With a huge range of dresses to choose from, you’ll be in for a real treat and be able to get a new outfit for an absolute bargain.  If you’d love a new Hell Bunny dress or want the latest design from Poizen Industries, you better get shopping.  This offer is for one weekend only so don’t leave it until Monday or you’ll be too late.

Huge Blue Banana Dress Discounts

If you love looking glam, impressing your mates and generally felling great, you have to take advantage of our 15% off offer!  From today until the weekend is over, every single dress in our range will be discounted – no exceptions.  So no matter what the cost, each item will be discounted for all our fans, old and new.  We’ve got some really fashionable items from H & R while our Living Dead Souls dresses are some of the best around.  If this sounds like your cup of tea and you want to treat yourself, or maybe buy someone a present, why not take a browse this weekend?  With such a great discount, it’s hard to say no!

Women’s Dresses with 15% Off!

Within our collection of dresses we’ve got loads of different styles, designs and trends so you can be sure you’ll find something you love.  We’ve got some sleek and sexy designs from Lavand sitting alongside classic 50s style dresses from Hell Bunny to whet your appetite, plus loads more top name brands.  If you find something you like, why not team it with some funky Iron Fist shoes to create a killer outfit that’s sure to make people stop and stare?  To truly finish off your bargain dress in style, check out our alternative accessories that will provide a further glamorous edge for your night out.  With a 15% discount from your favourite online clothing store, you’re sure to look your best.  Enjoy!

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