Our Top 10 Favourite Comedy TV Shows To Binge On

Our Top 10 Favourite Comedy TV Shows To Binge On

Our favourite comedy TV shows are always a hot topic of discussion at Blue Banana. After a day at the office, we can think of nothing better than sitting back with a comedy TV show. Whether it’s a sitcom or animated series, there’s plenty of shows out there which we just can’t get enough of! If you’re in need of a new series binge, then we’ve compiled our top 10 favourite comedy TV shows for your viewing pleasure!

 1. Parks & Recreation


A mockumentary-style show following a group of misfit government employees may not sound like a recipe for comedy gold, but trust us, it’s one of the greatest shows you’ll ever see. Spawning iconic characters like Ron Swanson, the all-American meat eatin’, whisky swillin’ libertarian (The man secretly we want to be when we grow up), Leslie Knope (The type-A overachiever that lingers within us all) and Jean-Ralphio (He’s the wooooooooooooorst!), Parks & Rec is one of those classic comedy shows that gets better with each viewing. Binge watch this one weekend and we guarantee you’ll never look at librarians, miniature horses or men named Jerry (Or Garry, or Larry…) in the same way again.

Binge Watch Must Have: All the breakfast food. Think waffles, bacon, eggs and maybe a calzone or two. Serve with Snake Juice for maximum Pawnee points.

2. Rick and Morty


Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Everyone (in many worlds and alternate dimensions) just can’t get enough of the twisted comedy show that is Rick and Morty. We just love getting schwifty on the hilarious adventures across all of time and space. If you like aliens, monsters and weirdly named characters then this could be one of your new favourite comedy TV shows.  Recently dropping the first episode of its third season (no, it wasn’t an April fool), it’s an exciting time to be a Ricky and Morty fan. If you’ve haven’t already, grab your dimension gun and get ready for some rip-roaring intergalactic escapades!

Binge Watch Must Have: Make sure you get yourself a healthy dollop of the McDonalds Szechuan dipping sauce for every viewing – it’s a new Rick Sanchez firm favourite.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


A police TV show like no other, Brooklyn Nine-Nine drops us straight into the adventures of the Brooklyn detective squad. Headlined by Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg – the dude from Lonely Island), the precinct is full of lovable and comedic personalities which that are just too easy to fall in love with. Whether it’s the slow and dry humour of Captain Holt or the sassy and honest comments of Gina, you’re certain to find yourself a new favourite character in the 99th Precinct! Definitely, some fun binge-worthy material, why not make Brooklyn Nine-Nine one of your new favourite comedy TV shows?

Binge Watch Must Have: Whatever you do, don’t let Boyle pick your snack but while you’re keeping your fellow bingers happy… remember that Terry loves yoghurt!

4. Adventure Time

An animated television series created for Cartoon Network, Adventure Time boasts an abundance of quirky quips and funky storylines suitable for viewers of all ages! Taking its viewers on radical adventures across the Land of Ooo, Finn the Human and his faithful companion and best friend Jake the Dog, never leave a joke un-tickled. Protecting the kingdom from evil and all things unaaccapptabllee, Adventure Time will surely take you on an adventure of your own to all different kinds of Shmow-zow! I mean, who doesn’t like a show where a bright yellow, shapeshifting dog and his BFF kick cartoon-ass on a daily basis?! Oh. My. Glob. Adventure Time is a must watch for those looking to kick back and enjoy some wicked, slightly weird and down-right wacky telly after a hard day at school (or work…)!

Binge Watch Must Have: Bacon Pancakes. Make ‘dem Bacon Pancakes, you won’t regret it. If you’re after something even sweeter, then why not binge on a tonne of candy! (Just don’t let the entirety of Candy Kingdom know, Princess B will go bananas!)

5. Family Guy


If you haven’t paid a visit to the Griffins in Quahog yet, then where have you been?! Now expanding to an impressive 15 seasons, the animated series features everything from talking babies to giant chicken fights. With endless reams of hilarious comedy and cut-away gags, you won’t be able to get enough of the wealth of characters in this show. Fall in love with the dream team of Brian & Stewie, laugh at Peter’s adventures with Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe or even pity the plight of poor Meg (…shut up Meg). Definitely one of BB’s favourite comedy TV shows!

Binge Watch Must Have: When watching Family Guy it’s always PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! *cue Brian appearing in a banana suit with maracas*.

6. The Big Bang Theory


Some love it and some hate it, but we do love the nerdy and geeky adventures you have with Sheldon Cooper. One of the most successful American TV shows, the show follows the trials and tribulations of self-appointed genius Sheldon and the attempts of his friends to master the world of socialising and girlfriends. A wealth of wacky episodes combined with heartwarming comedy, The Big Bang Theory is one of those favourite comedy TV shows which you can easily binge on. Due to its wild popularity, TBBT has cameos aplenty so expect appearances from some of the biggest stars from geeky pop culture!

Binge Watch Must Have: Just like Sheldon, Leonard and Penny you can’t sit and watch the show without a good ole’ takeaway. Remember, never share dishes, claim the last dumpling and be wary of that one person that NEVER pays!

7. Arrested Development


Following the misfortunes of the Bluth family and their hapless attempts to deal with financial and professional ruin, Arrested Development is a bona fide classic. Infinitely quotable (‘They’re illusions Michael!’, ‘I just blue myself’ and ‘I’m a monster!’ are amongst our personal favourites!) and endlessly re-watchable, the series is a firm fixture in BB HQ’s Netflix queue. Pro tip: Approach season 4 with extreme caution. It’s the televisual equivalent of meeting your hero and discovering they’re kind of a douchebag.

Binge Watch Must Have: Frozen bananas, double dipped in chocolate a la Job. (There’s always money in the banana stand, remember?) Just avoid making Lindsay’s iconic hot ham water. If you’re over 18 and more of a breakfast food kind of person, dine on Lucille’s favoured morning meal, vodka with toast.

8. The Simpsons


The original and iconic animated TV series; there was no way The Simpsons wasn’t going to make it onto our favourite comedy TV shows list! Everyone knows the story of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie and their life in Springfield is just too easy to sit and watch again and again. This legendary animated series has run for 30 seasons and has reached the landmark of over 600+ episodes. It may sadly be ending soon *sniff* but there’s always for The Simpsons in our TV boxset collection.

Binge Watch Must Have: The pink ring doughnut is the unrivalled choice of foods for the great Homer Simpson! Hmmmm dooooonuts!

9. Archer


Following the antics of secret agent extraordinaire Sterling Archer and his colleagues at the unfortunately named ISIS, Archer is a combination of hilarious visual puns, gross-out jokes and pure comedy gold. Now entering its 8th season, this show is a cult favourite for good reason! Watch it once and believe us, you’ll fall into a week-long Archer-hole ahem PHRASING! The ‘phrasing’ game is also pretty addictive…

Binge Watch Must Have: Eggs Woodhouse is the only logical food choice. Just make sure you clean up properly because otherwise, that’s how you get ants…

10. Bob Burger’s


Following the day to day lives of the burger slinging Belcher family, Bob’s Burgers is part situational comedy and part coming of age story. Featuring the most authentic portrayal of adolescent awkwardness we’ve ever seen, if you were a bit of a weird teenager, you’re sure to see a little of yourself in the unlikely heroine, Tina. With stacks of awesome songs, bizarre storylines and voiceover cameos from some of the US comedy circuit’s finest, you won’t regret watching Bob’s Burgers.

Binge Watch Must Have: Burgers, duh. Recreate a famous burger from the show and snack in style! We recommend the ‘Child Molester’ (Comes with candy), the ‘Paranormal Pepper-Jack-Tivity’ and the ‘Sweet Chili-O’ Mine’.

What do you think of our selection of favourite comedy shows? Have we missed your favourite comedy TV show? If so, then you’ll just have to let us know! We’re always looking for a new series to try ou. Why not come and find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to carry on the TV show discussion?


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Written By Sam Oliver