Blue Banana Interview: theblackmetalbarbie

This week we had the chance to chat with @theblackmetalbarbie. This awesome Instagrammer loves all things dark which makes her the perfect match for Blue Banana! You can also find this alternative model on Facebook and YouTube. Watch her haul, makeup, music videos and more!

Just take a scroll through her Insta photos and you will soon see this lady knows how to put together an outfit which leads us to our first question – How did you develop your fashion style? Was there a moment of discovery for you? 

My fashion sense was developed at a very young age for me- a moment of discovery for sure! When I was young, I would always draw these characters with black dresses and fishnets and scythes- an entire series I developed actually! But I wasn't sure what the style was called and I knew that I had a love for everything dark. 

One day, when I was walking in Wal-Mart with my father, we came across a girl who was decked out in the same material I was putting my characters in, only it was surreal because her sense of style was so over the top. She had her hair in piggy tails with red highlights on the ends, a studded choker, chains and black lips, a plaid skirt with torn fishnets and what I believe were Demonia boots, but I didn't know that back then. When I saw her, she embodied everything I had dreamed of as a child and I thought to myself 'I want to be her when I grow up'! 

As you can see @theblackmetalbarbie still adores a pair of fishnet tights. Fancy your own Demonia style boots? Browse our New Rock range for the best in gothic footwear. 

Sounds like @theblackmetalbarbie discovered her style very early on - What was your signature style when you were younger? 

I'd say baby bat, but honestly it was just a poorly executed industrial goth, haha :) 

Have you ever had any major fashion disasters or embarrassing moments? 

Yes! When I was fourteen, I was still trying to figure out how to do my eyebrows, so I would just shave them completely off and draw these really hard, sharp lines on my face and call them eyebrows. It was like a really sad version of Adora Batbrat's style, LOL. 

Now, we all have our favourite outfits but it would be tough trying to choose just one! - If you had to choose one item of clothing to wear forever what would it be?

 Plain, tight black maxi dresses with the slits in the bottom of the dress and a low cut neck and long sleeves. One of those ordered for every day of the week, please!

Theblackmetalbabrie: Blue Banana Top 5 

Since theblackmetalbarbie is clearly a fashion icon we would love to take a peek in her wardrobe - How large is your clothing collection? 

I'd say small considering I don't really collect much and just keep a few of my favorites- not to mention I don't find myself going out on the town as much now that I am a stay at home mother! 

There you have it! A little insight into the world and wardrobe of theblackmetalbarbie. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see more of her amazing outfits. If you want to shop theblackmetalbarbie look at Blue Banana check out the products below.

Written By Amy McEvoy