Our Alternative Ranges Of Bags and Backpacks

Have you been hunting for the perfect school backpack? If so, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what you preference is, we’re 100. sure that we will have something to suit your needs. Most people’s opinion on bags and backpacks suggest that a backpack should look and be only one thing: practical. This normally means that most of you and your friends would have grown up only having dull and uninspiring bags to choose from. 

On the Blue Banana website, we have done and always will cater for all types of styles. So if you’re after the classic mono coloured book bag for school which you’ve been sporting for the past four or five years, you’ll be able to get it. What’s even better is that we’ll now be able to offer you a range of some of the most premium backpack brands so that you can get something that you can whole heartedly put your trust in (without a huge prices tag). But if you’re driven by your alternative style and you’re in need of something to give you that perfect edge; we have a range of multi-coloured popular school bags and galaxy backpacks style that will absolutely blow you away! See all of our style options below:

Here at Blue Banana we realise that bags can come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that’s apparent when you lead a busy life is that you always need room for your most treasured and useful belongings; and that’s where your school backpack for teens comes in. If it’s something you’re going to need for everyday use, it’s got to be flash and ultimately resonate with your unique fashion. With that in mind let us talk you through our flashiest of backpacks. 

The Ultimate School Bags & Backpacks 

For those looking for a school book bag that’s really going to make you stand out, look no further than the range of styles from Both Hype and Spiral. You’ll have to choose between which is your favourite school backpacks brands; however if you’re in to quirky styles you’ll definitely find one here. Check out some of our favourite bags below! 

Colourful and vibrant styles are one thing, but sometimes you also need practicality. Are you sick of the days of replacing your bags and now looking for a sturdy and reputable product to use? Then it’s time to check out the range of bags backpacks we have available from Eastpak! Their iconic Pak’r can be considered the ultimate high school backpack. Not only do they consist of outstanding build quality, you’ll also be able to pick a backpack that fits exactly with your style. From crushed velvet prints, floral designs and classic minimalist designs; they’re all here. We also have larger container bags for all of you who demand large storage. 

Check out some more below:

Festival Bum Bags For Your Summer Style 

Are school backpacks not really your thing? Then not to worry, we also have a few more bag options for you. One of our newest and most popular collections comes from our range of bum bags. We have styles from top brands such as Spiral and Hype; but what’s even better is that you will also be able to get yourself a fanny pack to match on of our backpacks! Fancy something with same amount of storage capacity but a little more casual? Then one of our Roadman bags is for you. Have a look at all of the here below!

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Written By Oliver Jenkins

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