Interview With Rockabilly Stylist ReeRee Rockette

As a special treat, Blue Banana managed to interview rockabilly enthusiast and owner of amazing hairdressers, Rockalily Cuts, ReeRee Rockette this week. She considers herself a glamorous geek and her hair salon in trendy Hoxton, East London, gives both boys and girls great retro and alternative style cuts.

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Rockabilly lover ReeRee Rockette

ReeRee absolutely adores the retro 50’s rockabilly look and we asked her some questions to find out why she loves the style and what makes her unique. She was also kind enough to offer some great simple fashion tips so you too can be as glamorous as her!

ReeRee Rockette Answers Our Questions

What inspired you to get into the rockabilly style?

I honestly can’t remember! I just remember a day when I cut a fringe in, and went and bought my first high waisted skirt. I’d never dressed alternatively before that, something just clicked!

What is it about the rockabilly look that you love so much?

I love that I can mix vintage with high street, and that I can easy look girly cute, or more bold and sexy.

Do you have any fashion tips for re-creating the Rockabilly look?

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ReeRee’s Hair Salon, Rockalily Cuts, With A Very Satisfied Customer

Getting some solid basics in your wardrobe make a rockabilly look easy. Tight jeans and a pencil skirt are classics that easily go with a cute shirt or t-shirt. Patterns can include gingham, polka dot, leopard print and cherry print. The colour palette tends to be black, white, red and blue. They’re all a good place to start!

What famous person do you consider an inspiration for your style?

I love so many people – Kat Von D, Kelly Osbourne, Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani and loads more!

How did you get the idea to open up Rockalily Cuts?

I wanted to create a salon that filled a gap I’d experienced in the market. We offer a hair experience that is relaxed and fun, with hair stylists who understand what you’re asking for. We love allowing people to love their hair again!

What’s your favourite hairstyle at the moment?

I’ve been loving wearing a beehive at the moment, with a bandana and gold hoops.

What’s your favourite music to listen to?

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One Of ReeRee’s Self-Styled Rockabilly Outfits

I love dance music, EDM, UK garage, as well as more acoustic stuff like Ed Sheeran. Most people presume I listen to rockabilly music, but I don’t!

Why do you think the retro rockabilly look is so popular at the moment?

I don’t think it ever goes away, but with social media more of us can find each other! We can now see other people online who share our sense of style, whereas before we’d feel much more isolated.

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Written By BlueBanana