Our Guide to Vegan Fashion

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means….yup, it’s a fashion post! This time, we’re talking Vegan fashion– what it is, how to find it and how to keep looking fresh as hell in the process.



So, y’all probably know that Vegans avoid meat, but did you know that many Vegans also decide to:

  • Not consume any foods that contain animal derived ingredients (Dairy, eggs etc)
  • Not wear clothing made from animal by-products (Leather, silk, fur etc)
  • Not use cosmetics that contain animal matter (Honey, beeswax etc)

With famous faces such as Doyle from the Misfits and the boys from Rise Against practicing Veganism, it’s no longer seen as the preserve of crunchy, hippy dippy types, but as a viable alternative lifestyle. Veganism has seen an astronomical rise in popularity in recent years, with superstar celebs ascribing to the meat free life style and countless Instagram users charting their adventures in Veganism on a daily basis, bringing a formerly niche diet and lifestyle to the forefront of public consciousness.


You may be thinking, “But surely Vegan clothes are just, y’know clothes?”, right? Wrong! Some people who ascribe to the Vegan lifestyle often avoid wearing any clothing, cosmetics or accessories that contain animal by-products. This means that items containing leather, wool, suede and fur are commonly avoided, as well as items that contain animal derived glues or colorants. This means that more natural fabrics are favoured, with animal free and cruelty free dyes and glues a standard feature within any dedicated Vegan fashion line. This may sound like a whole list of don’ts, but plenty of people maintain a Vegan lifestyle and look damn good doing it! If awesome alterna-babes like Alissa White-Gluz and Joan Jett can stay true to their chosen lifestyle and look super stylish in the process, then there’s hope for us mere mortals.

Blue Banana Vegan Friendly Banner

It seems that the fashion world is catching on, with big brands such as New Rock, Dr Martens, Killstar and Manic Panic all having dedicated Vegan ranges, meaning that you don’t have to compromise your ethics to stay fashionable. Plus, if you like your fashion with a side of quirkiness, check out our Vegan fashion range, featuring threads from awesome brands such as Cold Heart, Maasai Treads and New Era!


  1. Unleash your fun side with a super rad Flip Flop and Fangs t-shirt! This super cool brand is 100% Vegan and has a ton of funky designs to choose from. Not only do they use an eco friendly water-based print in their designs, but FFAF are dedicated to helping communities across Africa through making charitable contributions. Their mantra of ‘Make fashion fun, make it fair’ sounds pretty good to us too!
  1. For the hair dye lovers out there. Here at Blue Banana we stock not one, but two vegan friendly dyes! Amazing, right? With colours across the spectrum, La Riche and Manic Panic hair products are sure to give you bright and vibrant tresses that’ll turn heads wherever you go.
  1. Why not check out the amazing Killstar Vicious Studded Vegan Leather Jacket or New Rock Boots Buckles and Laces Vegan Boots to stay up to date on the vegan leather radar!

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Written By BlueBanana