We Chat Hair Dye Tips With YouTuber NinkComPoop

This week we had the opportunity to chat with blogger and YouTuber Ellie James a.k.a. NinkComPoop. She loves to vlog about lifestyle, beauty and fashion so if you are looking for some new fashion inspiration then check her out here.

How would you describe your blog/YouTube channel to someone who has never seen it before?

My YouTube channel is somewhere likeminded people can go to be themselves. My aim is to constantly show people how I am choosing to live my own life unapologetically, which hopefully encourages others to do the same! I tend to vlog most about my daily life, current interests, fashion finds, favourite trends and honest thoughts. I think most people with an expressive style and light-hearted nature can enjoy my content. 

I'm always keeping things fresh so I'd like to think of my channel as organised chaos. It lacks a theme and is a little bit unstructured but I think that suits my personality well! Visiting my channel is like going to visit a good friend - you don't exactly know what you're going to chat about, but you know that you will have a fun time doing it. I love the idea of taking my audience out of their usual day-to-day grind for just a few minutes so that we can catch up.

How did you develop your fashion style? Was there a moment of discovery for you?

I remember noticing from a really young age that I didn't want to shop at the same places as my friends. I wasn't even interested enough to give them a chance. The idea of fashion was such a bore to me. I didn't even recognise some of the names of places I would hear my friends mention. You would never find me looking at my school friend's outfits and get excited about their shoes, jeans or dresses. I simply wasn't surrounded by fashion I enjoyed until I actively went looking for it. 

I was in awe the moment I found my very first alternative online clothing store. I DIDN'T hate fashion - I just hadn't found it yet! I would spend hours and hours at 13 years old scrolling through clothes I had never seen in real life before. It amazed me that there were people out there who didn't want to wear what everybody else was wearing... Goth, heavy metal, Cyberpunk, emo, Lolita, grunge, punk. There was so much more to fashion than picking up the latest magazine and wanting whatever all the celebrities were wearing. 

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own blog? 

Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Don't do it for fame, money, to receive free things, or because everyone else is doing it. Firstly, you are never guaranteed any of those things. Secondly, people can suss dishonesty quicker than you think. Lastly, you'll give up sooner than it takes to become successful. But, if you live and breathe the blogging world, photography, videography or writing and you believe you have the creativity that the world needs, then start right now! 

The only thing you require to start your own blog is to be passionate about whatever it is you are blogging about - otherwise you will get bored and quit. I promise you that passion and commitment is the only thing you need to set yourself on to a successful journey! 

NinkComPoop’s Hair Dye Tips & Successes 

We know NinkComPoop loves to try out new hair colours. Check out her latest hair dye video here. So who better to ask for some hair dyeing advice? 

There is SO much I could say here! Firstly, choose a towel that you can use exclusively for hair dying, that way you don't have to worry about ruining your favourite towels again. You could even have more than one dedicated hair dye towel - one for your hair, one for your shoulders, one for the floor, etc. Secondly, buy a BIG box of gloves. You will need them! The worst thing is getting ready to dye your hair before realising you don't have any gloves to do it. If you buy in bulk, you'll never come across that problem.

Similarly, buy your bleach powder and peroxide (things you need to lighten old hair colour) in bulk too. This way, whenever you go to refresh your roots or change hair colour, you'll simply need to grab it from the cupboard. You save a lot of money by doing this too if you purchase big tubs.

Next, and maybe most importantly, always do your research before setting out on your new hair dye journey. Get your facts straight about what colours probably won't mix well, which dye brands are best for certain jobs, which exact shade will help with your hair colour transition, what colour is best to avoid after your previous colour, how to avoid hair damage, etc.

There is SO much to learn but these days we don't need to pay a professional to tell us how it is all done! Lastly, for as long as you've got a colour in your hair that you want to keep vivid, ALWAYS wash it with cold water.

What has been your favourite hair colour and why?

Red has been my staple colour for years. It was the very first bright colour I ever went. Since then, I've taken small breaks every so often from the red to go other adventurous colours. However, every time I switch it up people always ask me why I did it and say something like "BUT I LOVED YOUR RED HAIR!". It did bother me at first because changing hair colour can take a lot of work, but hey, people were just being honest! After all, I did think I suited red best too. It just makes me feel most myself, and really compliments my skin/eye colour. It is also the easiest vibrant colour to match with outfits.

NinkComPoop’s Top 5 Hair Dyes 

My definite favourites are: 

All of those shades hold really fond memories to me. I could tell you what hair colour I had at certain points in my life better than I could tell you what year it was!

Written By Amy McEvoy