Halloween Costumes: Build Your Character


It’s that time again! Get the spooky decorations up and grab your pumpkin carving kits, it’s finally October! With Halloween around the corner, you’re going to want to be ready with your costume and fancy dress accessories. Luckily for you, we have an amazing 2 for £10 Costume deal and Buy One Get One Free discount on spooky accessories so that you can get yourself Halloween-ready. Pick up a cool fancy dress costume for yourself and a friend ready for the big day! If you’re undecided on who you’ll be for Halloween this year then have no fear, Blue Banana is here to help! We’ve got some great ideas on how you can achieve a winning Fancy Dress look that will have all your peers jealous!

Build Your Character

One sure-fire way to impress this month is to dress as an iconic movie character. If horror movies are your thing then you’re bound to know a few of these well-known names! Find out how you can create an awesome character look with our Halloween costumes, accessories and cosmetics!

Spooky Annabelle Doll


The Conjuring: one of the scariest movies in recent times. This trilogy was the first to introduce the terrifying doll that is Annabelle. An Annabelle look is easy to create for a winning Halloween look! Start off with the Broken Doll costume and use our Broken Doll Makeup Kit to create the face of Annabelle. Create sunken eyes and a terrifying red smile for a totally creepy appearance and pair it with our Vampire Red Coloured Contact Lenses. This ensemble is bound to scare your friends and family!

The Queen of Evil


A Disney villain is a great idea for a Halloween party! Why not try our Evil Queen costume that comes with purple collar and horned headpiece, and add a pair of Green Witches Eye Contact Lenses to replicate the character’s look. For that extra vibe, add our Velvet Devil Cape and strut your stuff with the power of Angelina Jolie! You could even go one step further and use the Barry M Eyeshadow Palette in Neon Brights to add some purple tones to your makeup as a nod to the original cartoon villain.

Devil Nun


Embody the spirit of Valak from The Nun movie with our Blue Banana Nun Fancy Dress Costume. This character is a truly terrifying being that will be instantly recognisable to any horror movie lover! Add some Halloween accessories like the fancy dress Cross Necklace and a pair of Yellow Coloured Contacts. Don’t forget some spooky Halloween face paint for a pale white look with black sunken features.

The Scariest Clown Around


Clown Costumes are a staple of Halloween fancy dress. Whether you go for a killer clown or a fun and joyous clown – they all have a spooky undertone! Here at Blue Banana you can become the ultimate horror movie character: Pennywise. Take our Scary Clown Fancy Dress and evil Clown Makeup Kit and you’re halfway towards achieving this terrifying character. Paint a creepy smile, red nose and red smile lines all the way up to your forehead for that infamous clown look. If scary makeup isn’t your strong suit then why not try our clown Scary Clown Mask instead! Pair your spooky costume with our Red Crazy Clown Lenses for the finishing touch and you’ve got yourself a Pennywise Fancy Dress outfit!

Friday The 13th Slasher Costume


If you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspiration then why not choose one of the greatest slasher horror films of all time! Friday The 13th’s Jason Voorhees is a simple fancy dress look that anyone can achieve. Use a basic outfit of a t-shirt, jeans and a dark jacket as your base. Then, use our Blooded Mask with blood splatter to mimic Jason’s hockey mask from the movie. Next, pick your weapon: choose from the Bloodied Knife or Plastic Blooded Cleaver to truly become the part of a slasher character. Use our Buy One Get One Free offer for some Halloween Accessories like some Blood Spray to add a gruesome edge to your outfit! Finish off your look with a pair of Black Mini Sclera lenses to give your character an intense eye.

Why not use our Aviator Jumpsuit Fancy Dress as Jason’s coveralls and the Blue Banana Bloody Inflatable Axe to pay homage to the fifth movie in the series, A New Beginning.

The Costume of Nightmares


One of our favourite horror film characters of all time is Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street. His look is perfect for a spooky Halloween Costume this October and we have the items to make it happen! Get yourself a red and green striped jumper and add our Claw Hand Horror Gloves to recreate Freddy’s bladed glove. Get the textured look of Freddy with our Zombie Face Paint Kit, using the latex to create the burned skin effect. For Freddie’s eyes why not try out Blind White Coloured Contacts in one eye and our Green Witches Eye Lenses in the other for the ultimate creepy appearance.

Whatever character you choose, we want to see your amazing creations so make sure to tag us on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to be shared!


Written By Charlotte Smith

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