Cheap Halloween Costumes: Fancy Dress Without A Scary Price!

Cheap Halloween Costumes: Fancy Dress

With Blue Banana’s selection of cheap Halloween costumes, you can most certainly be dressed to impress without dealing with a horrifyingly huge price tag. We’re pleased to announce that Halloween prep is well and truly underway at Blue Banana.

Now that our store is open; so it’s time to start costume shopping. With plenty of partying and festivities coming up, you don’t want to completely blow your budget on Halloween.  We’ve got men and women’s Halloween costumes that are sure to cure the woes of that head-scratching Halloween costume decision.

Our Halloween Store is filled to the brim with scary outfits and terrifying fancy dress options. When it comes to looking good for less for October 31st, you can be assured that Blue Banana’s cheap Halloween costumes range is full of treats (not tricks!). Let’s take a look of some of the ways you can save some pennies on this year’s Halloween spend! So, without further ado…

Get Cheap Fancy Dress Costumes Under 10

Yep, you read that right! There are no frightening prices lurking in our Halloween costume sections. You can pick up a brand new fancy dress outfit for under 10 when you shop at Blue Banana! No one wants to completely blow the bank on a one-night-only costume; so make sure to check out some of these cheap Halloween costumes! You can pick up styles such as the Scary Daughter Costume (which pays tribute to a certain gothic gal), for a cool 7.99.

Even the simplest of items are sure to set your Halloween style straight. Costumes such as the Bloody Doctor Costume will simply sit over any clothing you choose to wear. Same goes for simple costume accessories such our Reversible Cape Costume – perfect for vampire and Dracula looks.

These are just a selection of the bargains we have to offer. check out all the other costumes available for 9.99 or less, here.

Cheap Halloween Costumes For Adults Only!

Here at Blue Banana, we specialise in fancy dress for adults – dressing up isn’t just for the kids, right? There are so many routes of costume style you can choose to go down with a fancy dress costume. When it comes to Halloween, we think it’s hard to resist just picking up a truly scary Halloween costume. When else can you get away with truly terrifying your friends with a killer outfit? Go all kinds of dark and dastardly with some of these spooky Halloween costumes.

Do you like scary movies as much as we do? Then make sure to pay homage to some truly legendary horror villains this Halloween. Sure to be popular this Halloween season, the Scary Clown Costume should always be accompanied by a little red balloon… look out coulrophobes! People are sure to stop and look twice if you’re wearing one of these shockers. Browse our selection of fancy dress clearance for an ultimate horror look.

And if you really want to cause a stir, make sure to stop by our Halloween Props section. What’s a Scary Butcher Costume without scary Bloody Cleaver?

But wait, there’s more! We’re also delighted to bring you a load of scary and sexy Halloween costumes. Check out the best of our range here:

Who says Halloween isn’t sexy? With some of these fun Halloween costumes, you’re sure to raise eyebrows wherever you go! Be sure to accessorise where you can for truly standout looks. Or, if you want a completely new spin on last year’s costume, then perhaps a little fake blood or even a makeup kit from our Halloween Makeup could make your look a little extra Halloween-y.

Cheap Halloween Costumes Ideas From Blue Banana

It’s always tough picking which costume is best for you. If you’re anything like us, we spend ages browsing and just can’t decide which is the best Halloween costumes to go for! So here’s a section for the ‘indecisives’. How can you put one of our costumes to really good use? Here are our top picks which we think will be cheap and easy to pull off.

  • A Rubies Second Skin Suit: simple, yet effective with one of these easy costume solutions, all you need to do is put on the costume. It has all the body and face details covered, no effort necessary. If you really want to scare, then the Rubies 2nd Skin Zombie Jumpsuit is one to look out for!
  • The Classic Cat Suit: although people joke about the endless supply of cat costumes at Halloween, we still think it’s a pretty good choice of outfit. We’ve got our own Catsuit Fancy Dress option which only needs whiskers and ears before you’re good to go! As shown in the picture, high heels are more than necessary.

There you have it! The best of the best when it comes to all things Halloween costume – which style are you most looking forward to trying out?

If you have an awesome fancy dress costume lined-up then make sure to share it with us in our upcoming Facebook Halloween Costume Contest! Make sure to keep up to date with us on Twitter & Instagram for all the latest Halloween news and chit-chat!

Written By Sam Oliver

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