Brand New Skullcandy Headphones Now In

Exclusive new Skullcandy headphones have just arrived at Blue Banana HQ and we can’t wait to share them with you guys.  As one of the biggest and best earphone companies out there, Skullcandy are known for their outrageous designs and unbelievable sound quality.  The new selection from the Skullcandy dB range is no different, with world-beating styles mixing with audio greatness to create something truly special.  If you’re looking for a new pair of beats to listen to your favourite bands, then your prayers may have just been answered – just check out the Skullcandy dB Agent Vintage Road Headphones.  Not only do Skullcandy headphones offer more than most other companies, they come with loads of other features too.

Designer Earphones from Skullcandy

Most of the brand new Skullcandy headphones come under the Decibel Collection umbrella, meaning they are the very best that they make.  Suitable for everyone, including professional DJs, Skullcandy earphones provide the best possible sound quality, with amazing bass and crystal clear notes on every single track.  And the best thing is they come in so many styles that you’ll be spoilt for choice – pick from Skullcandy on ear headphones or maybe some smaller ear buds to suit your needs.  If you’re bored of the standard earphones you get with your generic MP3 player, check out Skullcandy headphones for something colourful, clear and crisp.

Skullcandy dB Headphones Range

The Skullcandy headphones collection is full of quality everywhere you look, so no matter which pair you choose you are guaranteed to walk round with a smile on your face.  If you want something funky yet compact, the Skullcandy In Ear Headphones are right up your street as they are guaranteed to be crisp while still drawing attention.  Not only are these earphones some of the best around, they have loads of other features such as hands-free calling, foldable storage and easy-to-use track management systems.  So if the Skullcandy dB Skullcrusher Headphones are right up your street, treat yourself to some shiny new Skullcandy headphones from our new selection.

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